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Sunday 19 June ,2022

The Archives and the National Library are preparing to hold their fifth symposium in the 2022 cultural season

In which he discusses: How literary publications documented the history and heritage of the Emirates
The Archives and the National Library are preparing to hold its fifth symposium in its cultural season 2022

The Archives and the National Library are preparing to hold its fifth symposium in its cultural season 2022 under the slogan "Literary Publications Recording the History of the Nation" at its headquarters on June 22, in the presence of the public while adhering to the precautionary measures.
The symposium sheds light on the close relationship between literature, history and documentation, as literature always plays an important role in history; Historians rely on it as a primary source for identifying a specific historical period, due to what the writer monitors about the conditions of his era. What made literature a great role in monitoring and documenting the features of the most important events that peoples and countries go through.
The symposium focuses on the role played by literature, poetry and prose, in documenting people and places on the land of the Emirates, which is preserved by some historical and literary publications..
The interest of the Archives and the National Library in the topic of this symposium stems from its current role in documenting the memory of the nation, which will be strengthened in the next phase that will witness the establishment of the National Library of the United Arab Emirates, which will preserve   It contains the history of the Emirates and its literary, cultural and intellectual heritage, in the belief of the Archives and the National Library that literature that tells the history of peoples is the one that deserves immortality and survival. It is considered an important part of the nation’s memory and the pulse of its identity. Many peoples have found their history in the literary space, and they liked that because the literary character gives magic to the material that deserves to be preserved so that it remains like a mirror that reflects the past in its details that touch the reader’s conscience.
Many publications of the Archive and the National Library have documented historical places, facts and events in terms of their occurrence temporally and spatially, and historians and researchers have supported what came in their books with literary evidence, so the place or the event and its makers or the time had its literary dimension added by the national sense mixed with sincere human feelings
Experts and specialists with their creative and innovative writings and research, and their literary stature, will participate in the new symposium, most notably: Dr. Abdulaziz Muslim, President of the Sharjah Institute for Heritage, Regional Director of the International Organization for Folklore, and a member of the cultural project team of His Highness the Ruler of Sharjah. His Excellency excelled as a Nabataean poet, Then he went to field work to collect and document Emirati heritage, and he has more than thirty publications, in addition to his participation in periodicals and magazines.  Poetry, literature and history, and contributed to documenting the history of the Emirate of Abu Dhabi, relying on ancient sources, documents, manuscripts, oral narrations from the elderly, and field research. The Archives and the National Library celebrated the signing of three books issued to him on the history and heritage of Al Dhafra at the Abu Dhabi International Book Fair last May.
 The researcher and author Abdullah Mohammed Al Muhairi, who has published many books on the history of the Emirates, its heritage, and the biographies of its leaders, and his literary works shed light on the memory of the nation, and two of his books issued by the Archives and the National Library were signed at the last session of the Abu Dhabi International Book Fair.
The poet Sheikha Al-Jabri, the media advisor at the Family Development Foundation in Abu Dhabi, is a writer for Al-Ittihad newspaper, and has many publications on poetry and Emirati heritage. She has held many positions and had contributions to the United Arab Emirates University, the Zayed Center for Heritage and History, and the Development Foundation.
The symposium will be moderated by Dr. Hazaa Al-Naqbi, Head of Government Archives Department at the National Archives and Library.
Emirati literature was full of documenting important milestones in the history of the country that calls for pride, as the creators who lived there found a sweet spring from which they drew their creativity. And researchers discuss important aspects of the country's history and heritage.
It should be noted that the National Archives will hold the symposium in Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Hall at its headquarters in Abu Dhabi at 12:00 noon on Wednesday, June 22, and will broadcast it via the Zoom platform, and it can be followed through the social media platforms of the Archive and the National Library.