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Monday 19 March ,2018

The National Archives participates in historical photos of Sheikh Zayed in national occasions and events

Celebrating the Year of Zayed and within the framework of the (100) initiative

The National Archives participates in historical photos of Sheikh Zayed in national occasions and events  

Within the framework of the “Centenary” initiative launched by it to celebrate the Year of Zayed, the National Archives participates in a number of historical photo exhibitions of Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan - may God rest his soul in peace - in a large number of events held outside the country and on national occasions. Thus, these exhibitions open pages A mission from the history of the exceptional leader, Sheikh Zayed, and the consolidation of his values and exploits in the hearts of generations; He - may God have mercy on him - spared no effort to build the United Arab Emirates, whose people and residents enjoy prosperity and well-being.

The exhibitions organized by the National Archives in the Year of Zayed aim to highlight its documentary stock, and to display historical images that consolidate the values of the Year of Zayed slogan: respect, wisdom, human development, and sustainability. These axes are clearly reflected in the contents of the documentary exhibitions that it works to communicate. To all audiences across the country.

All exhibitions organized by the National Archives witnessed a distinguished turnout from dignitaries, event organizers, participants and visitors, and the public in general. They are praised for the role of the National Archives in preserving the memory of the Emirates and important aspects of the glorious biography of the founding leader. As the contents of the exhibitions were able to provide visitors with important historical facts about the immortal legacy of Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, which was manifested in his efforts to achieve growth and prosperity like no other in the world, then his achievements and wisdom, and his good endeavors for the sake of human development, and his visions that preceded his era within the framework of National sustainability, and these supreme values have led him - may God have mercy on him - to be an example and role model for honorable people locally, in the Gulf, in the Arab world and globally.

The National Archives has recently organized a number of exhibitions of historical photographs, most notably in forums outside the country, such as the Cairo International Book Fair and the Riyadh International Book Fair 2018, and on many national occasions in which pages from the history of the founding leader were documented. These exhibitions were distributed for participation in the Emirates Transport Corporation in Dubai, and in The Health Authority in Dubai, the Department of Finance in Dubai, the University of Sharjah - Kalba branch, the headquarters of the General Women's Union in Abu Dhabi, the Department of Education and Knowledge in Abu Dhabi, the Al Reem School in Abu Dhabi, and many other places.

The participating exhibitions contain historical photographs that give visitors and participants the opportunity to learn about the role of the founding leader in building the United Arab Emirates and his immortal imprints on its glorious history and bright present. This is capable of reinforcing loyalty and belonging to the homeland, and consolidating the national identity among the people of society, which is at the core of the National Archives' message.

The National Archives is keen to participate in these events because of their importance, as they would bridge the distance between the services of the National Archives, which preserves the memory of the nation, and the beneficiaries, and inform this diverse audience of some of the National Archives' holdings of Sheikh Zayed.

It is worth noting that the national "hundred" initiative, in which the National Archives participates in the Year of Zayed, works to shed light on aspects of the life of the immortal leader, Sheikh Zayed, who reunified and established a nation on solid foundations. Believing in the importance of human wealth in building, developing and preserving the nation's gains and renaissance.

The projects of the national "hundred" initiative stem from the National Archives' mission, vision, and goals, to reinforce the youth with the values of Sheikh Zayed and immortalize his exploits among all members of society and among the generations he is keen to contribute to their national upbringing. At the same time, the "hundred" projects prove what he enjoyed. The immortal leader with farsightedness was evident in his directives to establish the National Archives in order to preserve the memory of the nation and document the history of the Emirates.

The National Archives, in its plan - when it launched the "Centenary" initiative to consolidate the values of the Year of Zayed - made use of all forms of historical records and documents; So that the initiative comes in line with its objectives, mission, and basic tasks. Documentary and historical exhibitions contribute to shedding light on Zayed’s achievements and the most important events, and introduce the current generation to what he presented. For this, the National Archives employs several tools to present Zayed’s history; It provides the public with images that recall the efforts devoted by the founding leader to build, develop and prosper the UAE.