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Thursday 19 April ,2018

National Archives Educates its Staff about Mobile Security, For Keeping a Safe Work Environment

National Archives Educates its Staff about Mobile Security,

For Keeping a Safe Work Environment


For the purpose of security of personal and financial data stored on widespread personal smart phones, which contain huge sensitive data that must be preserved, and to protect it from attacks that exploit the weak points in smart phones, the National Archives of the UAE has organized an education and awareness lecture entitled "Security of Mobile Phones".  The lecture focused on steps of hacking and means of prevention.

The lecture, which was presented by Engineer Mohammed Boushlaibi, Analyst of Research and Electronic Evidence at the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority, reviewed the risks of mobile hacking and the best security practices to limit it, with the aim of preserving personal information, work environment and its confidential data, and to protect all of that from any electronic hackings that threaten the security of information.

The lecturer defined to NA staff the term "Social Engineering", which means the art of manipulating people's minds, to carry out procedures that will lead to hacking of secret data, and granting access to sensitive personal information.  The lecture identified the information hackers try to access as:  personal information, information about networks, applications, policies and others.  The lecturer then talked about methods of relation building, launching attacks, and tracking targets, particularly wealthy individuals, through phone calls, short text messages, WhatsApp and others.

The lecturer discussed preventive measures, such as not to click on suspicious links, and to identify the name and address of the sender.  The presenter emphasized that everyone receiving suspicious calls or messages should be smart in dealing with unknown callers, and then he listed the methods to use in case a problem as such rises.

At the end of the lecture, Mr. Farhan Al Marzouqi, Director of Corporate and Community Department at the National Archives, honored the lecturer on behalf of the National Archives, and thanked him for all the valued of information.