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Thursday 09 July ,2020

The National Archives participates in receiving school students from all levels at the beginning of the new academic year.<

National lectures, educational games, cartoon characters

The National Archives participates in receiving school students from all levels at the beginning of the new academic year

The National Archives participated in Abu Dhabi Schools in receiving students from various stages at the beginning of the new academic year 2019-2020 as part of its educational program (Towards a New, More Distinguished Academic Year). The reception activities aimed at spreading happiness and encouraging students to draw a future horizon in order to achieve distinguished academic achievement in order to reach their goals and to be able to achieve the aspirations of the wise leadership in making the future of the country that depends on them.

The efforts of the National Archives in receiving students stemmed from its role as a partner in the national upbringing of generations, and its keenness to inform generations of its role in preserving the memory of the nation and making it available.

At the reception of young and new students in kindergartens and early stages, the National Archives contributed to spreading happiness among them and breaking the barriers between them and the school through many songs, educational games, and cartoon characters (Hamad, Hessa, and Grandfather) accompanied by some educational specialists in the Educational Programs Department of the National Archives; The cartoon characters - whose shapes and colors are fun - were able to attract children's interest and encourage them to join the school environment, and they were accepted by them, especially when they presented some symbolic gifts to them. And fun, and the National Archives cartoon characters captured the admission of young newcomers, and the attention of students from all educational levels.

The National Archives, when receiving students from the second and third cycles, organized many lectures on methods of setting goals and plans in order to achieve success and self-development. With the aim of instilling the national principles of the symbolic leader in the hearts of students, and spreading his noble values and exploits, and his love for peace and tolerance with the aim of promoting good citizenship among generations of students, the lectures stressed the importance of what the wise leadership offers to generations of students, and linked this with many sayings of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi, Deputy Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces.

The National Archives’ lectures for middle and high school students focused on the UAE’s agenda and the aspirations of the wise leadership, and then reflected that on the future of the student, stressing that the student who makes efforts in his studies and masters his work will be an active member of his community wherever he goes and in whatever field he specializes in or works.

At the beginning of this academic year, the National Archives achieved its desired goals of contributing to encouraging students and making them more enthusiastic about learning and serving the country, so that they would be able to set their plans and goals based on well-established national values and principles that support their values of good citizenship.