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Monday 19 November ,2018

The National Archives continues brainstorming sessions aimed at defining the features of its strategic plan 2019-2021

The National Archives continues its brainstorming sessions aimed at defining the features of its strategic plan 2019-2021

The National Archives organized brainstorming sessions for its departments in preparation for preparing its strategic plan 2019-2021, which clarifies the objectives of the National Archives and facilitates the achievement of its vision. The sessions include organizing innovation laboratories in order to come up with the best ideas, proposals, and initiatives. The outputs of the sessions are based on previous readings of indicators and impressions, and the national agenda. And government initiatives using effective tools to explore the future, with the aim of developing programs that achieve leadership, in line with the UAE Vision 2021 and the requirements of hosting the International Archives Congress in conjunction with Dubai Expo 2020.

The National Archives looks forward to its strategic plan 2019-2021 being consistent with its future visions, and keeping pace with the next stage in which the UAE's vision to be among the best countries in the world will be realized by the golden jubilee of the Union, and the ambition of the UAE leadership to achieve happiness and prosperity for all segments of the people.

Each brainstorming session reviewed the position of the UAE National Archives globally, the extent of its communication with similar archives internationally, its strategic partnerships, memberships, projects worldwide, the most prominent international specifications it applies, its smart applications, and the most important awards that the National Archives received. The year is one of the inputs for evaluating the achievement of the strategic plan to evaluate the efforts required in terms of providing and developing a distinguished work environment, enhancing institutional and community communication, developing its holdings and enhancing their availability, and its most important projects, and touched on its efforts to build a modern national archive.

The sessions dealt with projects, activities, operational goals, sub-goals, up to the strategic goals, the vision of the National Archives up to the Emirates vision, and the sessions relied on generating new ideas on the government’s agenda, benchmarking, the fourth generation system, stakeholders’ proposals, and customer and community questionnaires, and suppliers. And partners, it also relied on the secret shopper report, internal audit, excellence improvement opportunities, customer service excellence report, and employee suggestions using an integrated model designed with the efforts of the strategic planning team.