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Tuesday 19 November ,2019

The National Archives receives a delegation from the Colleges of Education and Society in Socotra on a scientific visit<

The National Archives receives a delegation from the Colleges of Education and Society in Socotra on a scientific visit

The National Archives received a delegation from the Colleges of Education and Society in the Yemeni archipelago of Socotra, within the framework of the delegation’s visit to the United Arab Emirates, at the invitation of the Khalifa bin Zayed Foundation for Humanitarian Works. The delegation included the deans of the two colleges and a number of faculty members and outstanding students. Within the framework of the deep-rooted fraternal relations between the United Arab Emirates and the Republic of Yemen, and within the interest that the United Arab Emirates attaches to the field of education in the Socotra Archipelago.

The visit aimed to review pages of the history of the United Arab Emirates preserved in the National Archives, and the agenda of educational and cultural activities and activities related to the interests of the National Archives, and the role it plays in consolidating the national identity and enhancing loyalty and belonging among the people of the Emirati society.

The Yemeni delegation expressed its pleasure in exchanging scientific experiences in the field of library and education affairs, and in preserving the archives of colleges in the best way, given their importance in the history of Yemen and the educational path in it.

The Dean of the Community College, Dr. Nadim Al-Azibi, and the Dean of the College of Education in Socotra, Dr. Saad Amer, praised the technical development in the National Archives, the great national role in preserving the memory of the nation, the strong relations that link the National Archives with academic institutions inside and outside the country, and the benefits achieved by researchers and academics alike. By training them in the National Archives, or by benefiting from the sources and references in its library from the most important books that represent the cultural and historical heritage of the region and humanity.

The two deans also expressed their admiration for the agenda of the National Archives and its richness in activities, foremost of which are Abu Dhabi’s hosting of the International Council on Archives Congress 2020, which will be held under the slogan “Empowering Knowledge Societies.” Thousands of archivists from all over the world will participate in it, and they will discuss global archival issues in the field of archiving. and documentation.

The Yemeni delegation got acquainted with the website of the Arabian Gulf Digital Archive (AGDA), in which the National Archives of the United Arab Emirates provides thousands of historical documents, photos, and multimedia audio-visual recordings of historical and cultural value related to the United Arab Emirates and the countries of the Gulf Cooperation Council. To present through it the rich and interesting history of the Arab Gulf states over the course of two centuries. This site documents many events with historical documents, introduces many personalities, and presents its contents through many materials that were not previously shown on the Internet.

The delegation's visit included a tour of the National Archives' departments and its most important facilities, where they listened to an explanation about the holdings of Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Hall, which presents to its visitors important pages of the history of the UAE, the establishment of its federation, and the good relations with many brotherly and friendly countries.

The Yemeni delegation toured the Emirates Library, which is one of the most prominent libraries specialized in the history and culture of the UAE and the Gulf region, and is an important reference for researchers because of the sources, references and general books it contains in both its paper and electronic forms.
 The guest delegation watched a high-tech 3D documentary about the history, present and prospects of the UAE in the Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Hall for Virtual Reality.