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Friday 10 March ,2023

The National Archives and Library organizes a poetry evening in conjunction with International Women's Day

In the third event of its second cultural season 2023 and in collaboration with the Sanad Al-Watan Women Society
The National Archives and Library organizes a poetry evening in conjunction with International Women's Day
The National Library and Archives, in cooperation with the Sanad Al-Watan Women Society, organized a virtual poetry evening in conjunction with International Women’s Day. This is the 3rd event of the NLA’s second cultural season 2023, and it is held in appreciation of women for their achievements in various fields and their contributions to civilizational progress and human development.
The poetry evening was opened with a speech by Dr. Amina Al Majed, Chairperson of the Sanad Al Watan Women Society. She started by referring to a statement by Her Highness Sheikha Fatima bint Mubarak, Chairwoman of the General Women's Union, President of the Supreme Council for Motherhood and Childhood, Supreme Chairwoman of the Family Development Foundation "Mother of the Nation", in which she praised the Emirati women for their proven commitment, fulfillment of the responsibilities of their tenures, and their competency in supporting their country in all circumstances. The statement also indicated that in preparation for the next 50 years, the Emirati women must be the strategic and partners in the process of foreseeing the future.
On this occasion, Dr. Amina Al Majed congratulated the "Mother of the Nation", the inspirer of women, who empowered and entrusted them with decision-making positions.
Al Majed pointed out that Women's Day was declared to mark women's demands for gender equality; however, women in the United Arab Emirates have obtained their rights. She added that the wise leadership’s distinguished support provided women with success elements and the appropriate environment, and it enhanced their rights in all fields. Thus, Emirati women have proven their ability to compete, and their achievements established them as models of ambition and creativity.
She added that the United Arab Emirates has established the Emirates Gender Balance Council, which is responsible for developing and implementing the gender balance agenda in the UAE.  All institutions follow the guidelines of the Council.
Hamsa Ahmed Younis, a poet and media personality, confirmed that every woman living in the UAE took advantage of excellence and creativity opportunities. She also talked about her poetic experience, and how she managed to strike a balance between her talent as a writer and her interest in her family as a housewife.
Tahani Altamimi, a poet and media personality, congratulated women around the world on their achievements, stressing that their creativity is limitless. She called for more giving and shed light on her poetic inspiration source.
Bardis Khalifa, a poet and journalist, spoke about her poetic experience, stressing that poetry is evolving. She emphasized that constant studying of literature and poetry is a must for poets since poetry is a mixture of talent and culture. She talked about the challenges she faced in her literary career, noting that every successful person will face difficulties and challenges. She praised the march of women led by Her Highness Sheikha Fatima bint Mubarak in the UAE, and highly valued Her Highness’ efforts, which brought about the development and empowerment of Emirati women.
The participating poets recited some poems in which they expressed their love for the homeland and its great leaders, and touched on the unlimited giving of women.