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Thursday 20 February ,2020

The National Library and Archives enriches its cultural season entitled " Archivng is Life", with distinguished lectures and topics.

The National Library and Archives enriches its cultural season entitled " Archivng is Life", with distinguished lectures and topics.

The National Library and Archives launched the agenda of its 2022 cultural season entitled “Archiving is Life”. Its monthly seminars deal with the various aspects of the UAE glorious history and prosperous present through which it seeks to enrich and document its topics and provide accurate and important information and knowledge. Through its cultural season, the National Library and Archives aims at presenting UAE related historical topics in a facilitated informative way for the public’s interest, since promoting this culture contributes to enhancing and preserving future generations’ historical memory, national identity and culture.

The current cultural season’s agenda includes poetic and artistic evenings and seminars,  beginning with “Architecture as an Introduction to Documentation and History” on February 28th, followed by various other seminars on topics including industries, traditional crafts, arts, translation and preserving the memory of the nation which tackle recounted oral history based on UAE Senior figures and citizens’ memory, and literary history, with a particular focus on artificial intelligence, corporate governance, and talent management, while shedding light on leaders who shaped the UAE history, and initiated the motto “Al-Bait Mitwahid”.

His Excellency Abdullah Majid Al Ali, the National Library and Archives’ Acting Director General said: “the current cultural season comes this year under the metaphoric title: “Archiving is Life,” indicating the importance of Archives and its role in the lives of various people, the general public, as well as individuals, institutions and states. Archives are highly important in preserving title to different rights, being a historical scientific research source and reference as well as a  national identity essential pillar contributing to objectively presenting historic facts to aid decision-makers in taking the right decisions.

The archives, in its role as the memory of the nation, represents the nation’s civilization and values, and is an important information source on which researchers rely to perceive the future, and through its treasures and holdings, generations pass on experiences, draw knowledge, and benefit from ancestors’ various successful experiences, which will inevitably result in a general development in all aspects of life.

HE added: The seminars’ topics and diverse artistic or poetry evenings and events enrich the Emirati cultural scene and movement. The cultural season’s planned seminars include a large number of leading, successful and creative experts, specialists and speakers with greaat expertise to recount, and enrich the presented lecture topics’ useful content with recent updates. His Excellency added that the National Library and Archives virtually presented the activities of its cultural season entitled " Archiving is Life" via interactive social media platforms, in line with its mission to disseminate knowledge and its parallel commitment and adherence to Precautionary measures to counter and contain the spread of COVID-19.

HE pointed out that the seminars’ lecture topics shall be published and made available by National Library and Archives to benefit Knowledge seekers and interested parties to help disseminate knowledge, exchange expertise, and enrich Arab Libraries with leading Emirati experiences of which we are immensely proud.