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Thursday 20 September ,2018

The National Archives Focuses on reinforcing its purposeful national educational programs with more than twenty programs

In the year of Zayed

The National Archives Focuses on reinforcing its purposeful national educational programs with more than twenty programs.

The National Archives has prepared more than twenty educational programs to promote knowledge of the history of the UAE and its leaders. More than 18,000 recipients benefited from these programs in 2018, the year of Zayed. The National Archives presents this package of diverse educational and cultural programs in cooperation with its strategic partners from official educational entities, local councils, academic circles, rehabilitation centers, hospitals, schools and students’ summer activities. This NA package is inspired by the biography of the founding leader Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan, the exceptional leader and national symbol of the United Arab Emirates, and by the achievements accomplished because of his unique vision.

Educational programs of the National Archives - whether reading or artistic workshops, lectures, competitions or educational and cultural activities at the community and educational levels and in youth circles - promote hard work to preserve the national accomplishments. The themes of these educational programs firmly establish the value of work for a sustainable and secure future for the homeland and its people.

In its educational programs, the National Archive adopts the innovative educational method, thus supporting the knowledge society objectives, promoting investment in an educational system that is based on innovation and creativity, and further diversifying the sources of individual education with an aim to build a good citizen who realizes the importance of UAE history and heritage and seeks to preserve its environment. The NA educational programs aim at developing national and human thought, promoting a sense of positive citizenship, and supporting and complementing the educational process.

National education programs with their various themes and topics support and enhance national upbringing of society members in general and students in particular. It also strengthen a sense of belonging to the nation and loyalty to its wise leadership, contributing to building a national character that is quite capable of taking responsibility, and establishing cohesion among citizens, taking the founding leader as a national symbol for society members to follow his footsteps, and as a beacon to guide the future generations, while taking his values, personal qualities, and his leadership in building and development process as an example and a role model for UAE citizens and residents to follow.

Educational programs include aspects of the founding leader's life and career, and his efforts to achieve development and prosperity. The most prominent of these topics- among others- are: Sheikh Zayed the Union founder and leader, Sheikh Zayed's doctrine and approach in politics and government, the UAE Federation from Zayed's glories to Khalifa's achievements, and the Founding Fathers and their role in establishing the Union.

The educational programs covered national symbols, political, national and social issues of concern to the UAE Founder. The most eminent titles of the educational programs are: Heritage and national identity, belonging, loyalty and identity as a high national values, values and customs in UAE society, unification of UAE society, UAE women's day, the UAE established title to the three Emirati Islands, the flag and its importance in promoting national loyalty, youth and nation, and the UAE: A civilization of people and a history of a homeland.

The National Archive has established specific mechanisms for delivering its educational programs, by announcing them to official entities during official meetings or in the course of strategic participations, continuous cooperation, e-mail registration, telephone communication with the Corporate and Community Outreach Department, or through the electronic portal of the National Archives.

The second phase involves receiving the request of the official entity indicating the need for a specific program on a fixed date as agreed between both parties in accordance with their agendas. Coordination through one of the mentioned communication methods continues relating to the program type and the various related data: lecture, reading or art workshop, or "Educational Games" competitions. Then the venue of the event is agreed upon, either at the National Archives, where in this case the participants will be received after an integrated plan is set up for the visit and an intensive educational program will be prepared for the visitors, or at the headquarters of the applicant in Abu Dhabi or elsewhere, where the two sides agree on the program procedures and steps, and set its desired goals and objectives.

The National Archives contributes through the various educational programs it offers to promoting national upbringing of UAE generations, and aims at establishing the value of love and devotion for the UAE in daily life in a tangible practical way by preserving the cultural and developmental accomplishments that were achieved through the UAE's march towards establishing the Union, which had a great impact in developing solidarity between citizens and their wise leadership .

The package covers important aspects of late Sheikh Zayed's strategy and vision, which were solid proof of his wisdom. The most important of these programs are:

- The UAE Federation From Zayed's Glories to Khalifa's Achievements:

The program highlights the achievements the UAE accomplished under the federation during the reign of both: the late Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan the founding father, and His Highness Sheikh Khalifa Bin Zayed Al Nahyan, President of the UAE.

- Zayed: A Union Founder and a Leader:

This program highlights the charismatic personality of the founding leader as a Union advocate and leader, compared to other contemporary world leaders.

Sheikh Zayed's Doctrine and Approach in Politics and Government:

The program offers glimpses of this great Arab leader's line of thought and philosophy in building the state and establishing the Union, and highlights his ambitions and aspirations and his genius in the face of challenges.

The Founding Fathers and their Role in Establishing the Union:

The program depicts Sheikh Zayed and Sheikh Rashid's invitation of the Rulers of the other Emirates to join the Union, and their acceptance of such a blessed call. The Founding Fathers gave generously and offered the most.

 - The Flag and its Importance in Promoting National Loyalty:

The flag is the symbol of the state, the sign of its independence and existence, and the identity with which it presents itself to the international community. The National Archive has accordingly devoted a special program to the UAE Flag.

- The UAE's Established Title to the Three Islands:

In this program, the National Archives sheds light on the issue of the three Islands in the Arabian Gulf: Abu Musa, Greater and Lesser Tunbs, and educates the generations through providing trusted facts and honest information supported by historical documents.

- UAE Women's Day "28 August":

The UAE celebrates Women's Day on August 28th of every year. The National Archives, in honor of UAE women and their journey, dedicates this program, which presents the stages of Emirati Women's development from the beginning to the empowerment stage.

- The United Arab Emirates: A Civilization of People and a History of a Homeland:

This program emphasizes that the history of the UAE was not exclusively associated with oil exploration, but was rather the product of a cultural interaction extending over more than seven thousand years, mutually influencing and influenced by neighboring civilizations.

- Youth and Nation Building:

This program highlights the importance of establishing, developing and refining the youth's personality, and directing its energies and enriching its knowledge to be the main pillar in the Nation's progress and advancement.

- Scientific Research Methods:

This program emphasizes the National Archives' interest in scientific research that enriches the history and heritage of the UAE and the Gulf region.

- The United Arab Emirates Federation Form:

This program aims at disseminating legal awareness of the Union and its form, characteristics, advantages and the difference between it and other federation or union forms adopted elsewhere in the world.

- Heritage and National Identity:

The National Archives designed this program to promote national values among all members of society, to create an incentive among the youth to take interest in the heritage and culture's legacy which  promotes their sense of loyalty and belonging to the homeland.

- Loyalty, Belonging and National Identity are High National Values:

This program focuses on the three high National values, namely: loyalty, belonging and National Identity. It aims at emphasizing the importance of these high national values in achieving good citizenship, protecting the state's achievements and enhancing solidarity among its people.

- Values and Customs in the UAE Community:

This program contributes to promoting values. The UAE has a long and ancient heritage reflected in the customs and traditions inherited from ancestors and passed on from one generation another with keenness and pride.

-The Homeland is United (United UAE Homeland):

This program highlights the UAE public and social solidarity and unity, and its effective role in maintaining the security and stability of the nation. It focuses on the people's support and loyalty to their wise leadership, accordingly resulting in a united UAE homeland with strong and firm pillars under an umbrella of happiness, satisfaction and security.