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Wednesday 20 November ,2019

The National Archives takes advantage of the Sharjah Book Days and provides its library with the most important specialized books

The National Archives takes advantage of the Sharjah Book Days and supplies its library with the most important specialized books

The National Archives provided the Emirates Library with newly published books, and the sources and references that were featured in the Sharjah International Book Fair in its thirty-eighth edition. The National Archives added more than 3,000 books to the Emirates Library on topics related to its specialties, goals, and tasks. The Sharjah Book Fair Selection Committee was keen to Provided that the books enhance the status of the Emirates Library among researchers, academics, and the beneficiaries as a model specialized library that works to encourage historical scientific research. Some of them documented the news of tribes and clans, and some of them cared about biographies and memoirs, and the Emirates Library paid great attention to encyclopedias, dictionaries and travel literature.

The National Archives has been accustomed to seizing the days of international book fairs, such as the two fairs: Abu Dhabi and Sharjah - based on the fact that each of these two exhibitions is a cultural demonstration that preserves the book’s value, importance and glow - in order to enrich its library with new sources, references, and titles, as well as old, almost rare titles in history and literature. The archive finds NBK's participation is an opportunity to enhance communication with exhibitors and publishing houses, and at the same time present its valuable publications to the exhibition audience.

In view of the biography of the founding leader, Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, and his achievements that know no bounds; The Emirates Library has paid great attention to the publications dealing with the biography of the founding leader, because it clearly embodies the good qualities of Sheikh Zayed’s personality, in addition to his leadership role that distinguished him as he devoted his efforts to the construction and growth of the country, and among the most prominent books that were provided to the Emirates Library In it, it documents aspects of the biography of Sheikh Zayed, his national principles, and his praiseworthy exploits: the book (Zayed the Miracle Maker in the Emirates), the book (Zayed Develops Palm Cultivation in the Emirates), the book (Words of the Leader Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan), the book (The Leader's Words) and others.< br />
The Emirates Library brought many books that dealt with the histories of Arab tribes and lineages inside and outside the Emirates, foremost among them: the book (Al-Shuhuh and the History of the Mountain Heads in the Arabian Gulf), and a number of books on the tribes: Al-Awaleq, Al-Qudra, Al-Balaghy, Encyclopedia of Samarra Clans, and Encyclopedia The noble clans of Iraq, and the shining ray in knowing the news and genealogies of the Kinda tribes, and the tribes of Iraq, the Levant, the Emirates and Oman.

Based on the fact that written history is based on official documents and documents, memoirs and biographies, and since biographies and memoirs can restore the social function of the past; The Emirates Library supported its holdings with a number of memoirs, biographies and translations, such as: the memoirs of Muhammad Kurd Ali in four volumes, the memoirs of Amin Al-Rayhani, and the memoirs of each of the former Iraqi President Jalal Talabani, and the former President of the People's Democratic Republic of Yemen, Ali Nasser Muhammad (Memory of a Homeland).

The Emirates Library in the National Archives is keen to make available to its visitors a number of important comprehensive and specialized dictionaries, encyclopedias and documentaries rich in knowledge. Therefore, I brought from the Sharjah Book Fair a large number of dictionaries and encyclopedias, including: Bahrain Archive in the original British documents 1820-1971 in six volumes, Dictionary of Archival Science Terminology, History of Clothing in the World, Expanded Dictionary of Citations, Encyclopedia of Sociological Terms, Hayamos Trilingual Dictionary, and Lisan The bride, the flags of the women of Mecca, the encyclopedia of orientalists, the encyclopedia of noble scholars, the terminology of the Arabic manuscript book, the dictionary of the flags of the crown of the bride, the thesaurus of intangible cultural heritage in three volumes, and the scholars of Najd in eight centuries in six volumes.

And since travel literature is one of the most important literary arts, as it contains some important information that cannot be dispensed with by writers, historians, geographers, and others, the Emirates Library has paid attention to books related to travel literature. The Journey: The Dialectic of the Self and the Other), the book (Travel Literature and Self-Repercussions), the book (A Yemeni Vision in Travel Literature), (The Hijaz Journey 1102 AH), (Travel Literature by Carl Thompson), and (The History and Culture of the Arabian Peninsula in Light of Indian Journeys). .. and others.

In addition to everything that was purchased; The National Archives enriched the Emirates Library with a large number of publications that were donated by the participants in the exhibition, and the publishing houses donated them to the National Archives Library.