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Tuesday 21 January ,2020

Memory of the Nation displays to its visitors aspects of the UAE’s journey into space.

The National Archives emphasizes that the journey is a realization of Zayed's aspiration:

Memory of the Nation displays to its visitors aspects of the UAE’s journey into space.

At its “Memory of the Nation” pavilion at Sheikh Zayed Festival, the National Archives provided visitors with a description of the UAE space flight, pointing out that this flight was a fruit of Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan’s efforts and it embodied his aspiration as he made use of all resources to serve his homeland and people. Since the early years of the Union, Sheikh Zayed had the aspiration of the United Arab Emirates reaching space. Having Hazza Al Mansouri, the first Emirati astronaut, reaching the International Space Station, Sheikh Zayed’s aspiration was fulfilled.  This event had a great impact on the UAE, as there has been a quantum leap in the society culture. Space and its sciences have received considerable interest by all society segments.

The photos of Sheikh Zayed receiving the NASA delegation, which were exhibited at the “Memory of the Nation” pavilion, emphasized that the UAE's achievements in term of space sciences was not decided on the spur of the moment, but they reflect Sheikh Zayed’s aspiration. He believed that with science and knowledge humanity can reach the highest levels of development. As part of his interest in learning about and following up the achievements made anywhere in the world, the Founding Leader received in 1976 the American space delegation (NASA), who were part of the Apollo mission to the moon. The delegation visited Abu Dhabi at the invitation of the UAE government, and in that historic meeting, Sheikh Zayed listened to the explanation of their space flight and its fruitful outcome, and praised the achievements of the agency.

Given its role in documenting major events, which the UAE is proud of and preserving for future generations, the National Archives enriched its pavilion with photos of H.H. Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed receiving Hazza Al Mansouri, the Emirati astronaut. The photos attracted the attention of visitors who were impressed with the UAE’s success story, which has been added to its achievements.

The photos of the Emirati astronaut upon his return, displayed on large screens at the “Memory of the Nation” pavilion or decorating its walls, highlighted the importance of this flight, which constitutes a recent historical achievement and a new beginning for the homeland of leadership, excellence and achievement.

The photos confirmed the pride and great confidence of the wise leadership in the homeland youth whom it considers the real wealth for its future and development.