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Wednesday 21 February ,2018

The National Archives concludes a training course on “Presentation and Public Speaking Skills”

The National Archives concludes a training course on “Presentation and Public Speaking Skills”

The National Archives of the UAE has concluded a training course on “Presentation and Public Speaking Skills” that was organized for its staff at the aim of spreading knowledge among them, developing their presentation and influencing skills, using gestures and training them on the tone of voice to deliver the required message.

This course has received a lot of attention from the staff due to its importance in developing their skills and getting them acquainted with the best practices in various fields that serve the desired objectives, and improve the staff performance in a way that would be reflected on the quality of the services provided by the NA.

The training course delivered by the Research Expert and Lecturer, Abdullatif Al-Sayyadi, tackled the definition and objectives of presentation and public speaking, qualities and duties of the presenter, how to develop the convincing and influencing skills, body language techniques and eloquence. It also highlighted the techniques to overcome fears of public speaking, time management skills and the importance of generating enthusiasm among the attendees and influencing them positively. Moreover, it identified strategies for acquiring effective communication skills and promoting self-confidence.

The “Presentation and Public Speaking Skills” course held at the NA premises was characterized by combining  theoretical and practical aspects in order to enhance and consolidate the information and skills that have been achieved, which would help to  overcome all communication obstacles.

This course is part of the NA’s project “Partners in Knowledge”, which aims to exchange knowledge and experiences among employees; a strategic project that is keen to achieve self-sufficiency in training, and carried out by specialized staff. It includes a program rich with workshops and training courses on various topics related to the NA’s duties and workflow.