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Sunday 21 April ,2019

The National Archives celebrates "Haq al-Laila" with artistic performances and traditional songs

The celebration created an atmosphere of human love and tolerance

The National Archives celebrates "Haq al-Laila" with artistic performances and traditional songs

Today, the National Archives of the United Arab Emirates celebrated the occasion of "Haq Al-Laila", which coincides with the blessed night of mid-Sha'ban, and was keen to revive this occasion in an atmosphere of human love and tolerance because of its great role in reviving the cultural and social heritage that highlights the civilized and bright side of the UAE. This occasion comes as part of the social activities organized by the National Archives with the aim of strengthening the national identity and inculcating the beautiful details of the heritage in the hearts of new generations. The National Archives celebrations on this occasion were distinguished for this year. Where students from Fatima Bint Mubarak School, in their traditional dress, presented traditional artistic performances to the tune of traditional songs during the celebration on the occasion of “Haq Al Laila”: “May God grant you, the house of Makkah will give you….”

His Excellency Dr. Abdullah Muhammad Al-Raisi, Director General of the National Archives, directors of departments, and all employees participated in the celebration of this occasion, where they inspected the stands of the National Archives departments that were set up on this occasion, and were decorated with traditional appearances, in which sweets and some traditional dishes for the occasion were displayed. The National Archives used to celebrate the annual celebration on this occasion with the participation of the employees’ children and some school students. The audience for this year’s “Haq al-Laila” celebration came filled with an atmosphere of tolerance and love that brought together many nationalities, and everyone was keen to participate in this important occasion. The distinctive features of the Gulf heritage in general and the Emirati heritage in particular, and its important role in consolidating the heritage in the hearts of new generations, in a way that enhances the national identity, and this is one of the most important goals of the National Archives. And because it spreads the spirit of love and interdependence among the Emirati society.

On this occasion, the National Archives organized a competition in which all the questions were inspired by the Emirati heritage for all participants, children, children of employees, and school students who presented wonderful artistic performances. A corner was allocated for each of the departments, which it decorated and organized in its own way, and gifts and sweets were distributed to the children. It is worth noting that all aspects of the celebration came in forms that simulate the vocabulary of the Emirati heritage, and the traditional chants for this occasion were echoed in the National Archives.