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Sunday 22 September ,2019

The National Archives and the Sorbonne University celebrate the commencement of academic studies in the Bachelor of (Document Management and Archives Sciences)

The National Archives and the Sorbonne University celebrate the commencement of academic studies in the Bachelor of (Document Management and Archives Science)

The National Archives announced the launch of a Bachelor’s Program (Document Management and Archives Sciences) in cooperation with the Sorbonne University – Abu Dhabi. A large number of students enrolled in the first semester are expected to finish their studies after three years. The program aims to graduate a batch of qualified and specialized academic competencies. In the field of documentation and archiving science, and the program keeps pace with the requirements of the times and the labor market in light of the general awareness of the importance of archives in all official agencies and state institutions; To ensure the preservation of the history of the state and the knowledge of the past of the fathers and grandfathers, and the extent of the development it witnessed during the era of Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan - may God rest his soul in peace - and as provided by the wise leadership that follows the path of the founding leader.

The Bachelor’s program (Management of Documents and Archives Sciences) comes as a result of the intensive scientific studies conducted by the National Archives to diagnose the current and future requirements of the official archives in the country, which confirmed the need for more than four thousand specialized archivists. The document of the state and its management in the best ways and latest practices.

UAE national students enjoy the honor of His Highness Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi and Deputy Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces, who sponsored the tuition fees. The National Archives considers this honor as one of the real proofs of the great support that the National Archives receives, and the convergence of generations. Young woman of wise leadership.

The Bachelor of (Document Management and Archives Science) receives students with a general secondary certificate, who are fluent in both English and Arabic, based on the tests approved in the country. Enriching students with in-depth knowledge of document and archive management, applying this knowledge, and comprehensively training young cadres in several sectors.

This program provides participants with a comprehensive understanding of theories and methodologies for controlling the classification of documents in their various life cycles, and provides scientific knowledge and skills to evaluate, classify, describe, manage and preserve original documents in all forms and types of traditional and electronic media to meet the needs of public and private national institutions, and introduces students to historical, administrative and legal standards related to the production of documents. Documents and archives across the UAE, and methods of analyzing current problems and issues in document preservation and archive management using appropriate electronic technologies.

Students enrolled in the program acquire technical, technical and professional skills that are applicable in various fields, and develop their skills in the field of critical thinking and decision-making related to all types of documents in order to manage and preserve them to form a trustworthy archive for the benefit of government and private departments and members of the public.

The program - in which the study is in the English language - includes a solid foundation of courses in the science of archiving and documentation represented by a study plan for undergraduate students in the three years, and it consists of: basic archival lessons, basic academic lessons, applied work, and choices between communication skills in Arabic and English. In the field of document and archive management, information technology, languages, and others.

Accordingly, students who pass the three-year exams are awarded postgraduate degrees from the Sorbonne University in Paris.

This academic program is the result of the Memorandum of Understanding signed by the National Archives with Sorbonne University - Abu Dhabi, with the aim of building a meaningful and fruitful partnership between the two parties that includes academic and professional development, training and qualification in the management of records and documents.

It is noteworthy that the National Archives has launched a program (Management of Documents and Archives Sciences) with the Sorbonne University, which is a multicultural environment that promotes a culture of tolerance, given its position as a leading educational institution in the world due to the importance it attaches to teaching, and because it is based on accuracy and the development of critical thinking and discussion and dialogue skills, which are considered Necessary skills for future pioneers and leaders.

It is noteworthy that the National Archives, in cooperation with the Sorbonne University, celebrated the graduation of the first batch of participants in the Professional Certificate in Documents and Archives Management, last April, and the second batch of participants will be enrolled on Sunday, September 15, in the Professional Certificate Program in Documents and Archives Management at the Sorbonne University - Abu Dhabi.