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Monday 22 October ,2018

The National Archives presents the "Customer Service Quality Guide" in a specialized workshop

The National Archives Presents "Customer Service Quality Guide" in a Specialized Workshop

The National Archives organized a workshop entitled "Guide to Customer Service Quality". He is looking forward to his future position as one of the best archives in line with the vision of the UAE 2021; By providing archival services of high quality that delight the audience and achieve government efficiency.

The workshop began with the words of the late - God willing - the founding leader, Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan: "I call on every official to know the limits of his responsibility and to continue his work and make efforts with sincerity and loyalty, and every official in his workplace should study the needs and interests of those around him, and provide them with everything A requirement, then this is our principle and we will keep it, and we will pass it on to those who come after us.”

Mrs. Hind Ibrahim Al-Zaabi, Educational Programs Specialist at the National Archives, who presented the workshop, indicated that this speech of the Arab sage should be a work constitution for all employees in their various specializations and work locations, especially customer service employees, and indicated that the objectives of the workshop are derived from the objectives of the guide, which It is summarized by educating the staff of the National Archives, especially the staff of customer service, and helping them apply the basic principles of providing government services and developing their quality, improving the experience of customers and making them happy by providing better and more efficient services, providing unified standards of service, and building a unique culture in which the prevailing standards are excellence in service, and the enhancement of efficiency. government.

Based on the importance of the guide as a basic guiding reference for the staff of the National Archives and customer service, the Beneficiary Service Unit, in cooperation with the Educational Programs Department of the National Archives, was keen to make it the focus of a workshop followed by the staff of the National Archives.

The workshop dealt with the themes of "Guide to Customer Service Quality"; Starting with the first chapter, which dealt with customers, who are the first to benefit from the service, and the workshop classified customers in government agencies, semi-governmental agencies, private agencies, and individuals, then the second chapter, and it was about the culture of customer service and service values, then the third chapter, which revolves around service quality standards And the importance of standards in determining the level and type of services, bearing in mind that service quality standards are based on the main principles of customer satisfaction.

It is noteworthy that the workshop provided general instructions on the customer's journey, instructions for communication channels, and touched on the customer's journey and experience, ways to provide service to people of determination, the service protocol and work to continuously develop it, and monitor the impression that the beneficiary retains after obtaining the service, and the workshop relied in all its axes on A group of illustrative pictures that populated the large screen in Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Hall, the largest hall of the National Archives.