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Sunday 22 December ,2019

The National Archives enlightens a Spanish academic delegation about history of the UAE

The National Archives enlightens a Spanish academic delegation about history of the UAE

Within the framework of the Tolerance Program for Cultural Exchange, the National Archives received a delegation of students and professors from three top universities in Spain. This academic visit aimed at learning about important aspects of the history and heritage of the UAE, and its pioneering unification experience.

This visit, which was organized by the Islamic Culture and Religious Tolerance Foundation in Madrid, came to enhance communication between various cultures, disseminate the example of the UAE’s tolerance to peoples across the world and publicize its role and efforts to spread the values of tolerance and to build bridges of communication and understanding.

The members of the delegation were briefed on the foundations, principles and values of coexistence and tolerance, based on which the United Arab Emirates was established through the efforts of Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan and his fellow Founding Rulers. This reflects the original interest of the UAE in disseminating the culture of tolerance across the world and in promoting acceptance of others and cultural pluralism.

The twenty-one-member delegation attended a lecture delivered by Dr. Aisha Bilkhair, Research Advisor at the National Archives, in which she shed light on the values of solidarity, tolerance, love and altruism in the UAE.  She pointed out that these values prompted the youth to achieve human rapprochement, build bridges of tolerance and love, and support efforts to establish a human society where peace prevails, and the UAE perfectly embodies these inherent values that were acquired from customs and traditions and the past of the great fathers and forefathers.

The lecture pointed out that the Year of Tolerance was full of events aimed at spreading the national principles and ethics of Sheikh Zayed, who successfully turned the UAE into a model that applies the values of tolerance and peaceful coexistence. In fact, the UAE is home to over 200 nationalities, enjoying decent life and respect, and it criminalizes hatred, radicalism, and any causes for division or divergence.

The lecture reflected optimism and great hopes for the year 2020, as the UAE will host Expo 2020 Dubai. Indeed, this great international exhibition offers a great opportunity for expertise and cultural exchange and for perception of the future.

The Spanish delegation toured the Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Hall, Emirates Library, and the Customers Happiness Hall, and it also watched a 3D documentary film on the UAE in the past and present.