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Tuesday 23 January ,2018

The National Archives presents the journey of Al Bu Falah to Abu Dhabi At the “Memory of the Nation” exhibition in Sheikh Zayed Heritage Festival

The National Archives presents the journey of Al Bu Falah to Abu Dhabi

At the “Memory of the Nation” exhibition in Sheikh Zayed Heritage Festival

The “Memory of the Nation” exhibition, which represented the participation of the National Archives at Sheikh Zayed Heritage Festival, has included a special corner that displays, in an enjoyable style and using modern technology, the journey of Al Bu Falah from “Liwa” Oasis, the original stronghold of Bani Yas, to Abu Dhabi under the leadership of Sheikh Dhiyab Bin Issa after the discovery of water there. It also shows how development had occurred in Abu Dhabi, which reached the peak of its prosperity under the wise leadership of Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan and Sheikh Khalifa Bin Zayed Al Nahyan.

The National Archives tells the story of the establishment of Abu Dhabi, where Al Bu Falah settled as they were coming from Al Dhafra to work in fishing and to diversify their means of subsistence; therefore, transferring Abu Dhabi from an isolated island to a populated area.  This corner at the “Memory of the Nation” exhibition shows how Abu Dhabi has developed and achieved prosperity, paying a special attention to the year 1918, when  Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan was born, which is a milestone in UAE history. It also shows Sheikh Zayed’s miraculous efforts that transformed the desert into a country that is ranked today among the most advanced countries in the world. The corner displays photographs of construction and urban development made by Sheikh Zayed in the UAE.

The scenario points out that preparing people was the first priority of the Founding Leader, who was able to prepare generations that are capable of preserving the nation’s accomplishments, and who travelled around the country to follow up construction works and urban development projects, to achieve happiness to the people and residents of the UAE. Abu Dhabi has witnessed, in record time, great achievements in various fields of life, which led to the integration of modernization process. The development, stability, growth, harmony and social peace, which the UAE is experiencing today, is certainly a result of the genius work of Sheikh Zayed who spared no effort to place the UAE in the most appropriate place among civilized nations. 

The scenario, which the NA intended to be appropriate for all ages, focuses on Sheikh Zayed’s approach to unity. Since his accession to power in Abu Dhabi, he was keen to unify the “Trucial States”, so he initiated the call for the Union, meeting and consulting with other rulers. He stressed in these meetings the importance of the Union, and the great historic event, of establishing the Union on December 2, 1971, was announced to the people of the UAE and all countries worldwide.

The scenario, presented by the “Memory of the Nation” exhibition, also shows visitors some of the achievements made during the reign of H.H. Sheikh Khalifa Bin Zayed. These achievements contributed to the enablement of the Emirati citizen and to the prosperity and advancement of the UAE at the local and international levels.