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Thursday 23 May ,2019

The National Archives Launches A Specialized Digital Portal on The History of The UAE and The Gulf Region

The Arabian Gulf Digital Archive.. With a click of a button, you get access to thousands of documents that document two centuries of the region's history

The National Archives Launches A Specialized Digital Portal on The History of The UAE and The Gulf Region

The National Archives of the United Arab Emirates has given access through the recently launched Arabian Gulf Digital Archive's portal to thousands of historical documents and photographs as well as “multimedia” i.e. audiovisual records on the UAE and the GCC countries of great historic and cultural value. Through this AGDA portal the National Archives presents the rich and interesting history of the GCC countries over the last two centuries. The site documents many historical events and provides information about many prominent figures through its repository of documents many of which are presented for the first time on the internet.

With a click of a button, the (AGDA) Arabian Gulf Digital Archive portal provides its visitors with notes, memos, manuscripts, photographs and official correspondence exchanged between leaders and governments concerning historical events in both Arabic and English. The original documents are mostly from archives outside the Gulf region, thus the National Archives provides access to electronic copies of these historic documents and records, in addition to providing search tools and the possibility of obtaining copies of them. Therefore, this Arabian Gulf digital archive is considered a unique and contemporary source of great help to local and international researchers, academics, students and those interested in the history of the Arabian Gulf region totally free of charge.

It is noteworthy that this site, which can be accessed through the following link: https://www.agda.ae is extensive; as it provides various options - on its homepage- to guide its visitors on the course and field of research in order to enable them to reach the required documented information. The available options on the homepage are: places, personalities, entities, subjects and date range.

The ‘Places’ icon presents the various states and countries of the world, which have relations with the Arabian Gulf states. In addition to these states, visitors of the site can also find documents and photographs of cities of the Arabian Gulf that witnessed historical events. The ‘Personalities’ icon provides information about personalities who had an impact on the course of events and main affairs in the Gulf region. The ‘Entities’ icon deals with entities, organizations, major corporations, local, Arab and international institutions in connection with the Gulf region. The ‘Subjects’ icon covers education, health, as well as economic, military, border, trade, tribes, climate, religious affairs among other subjects. The ‘Date Range’ icon helps the browser to choose a particular date range to know its important historical events.

The AGDA site visitor can benefit from the following links: the “Download”, which allows him/her to directly download a document in a higher quality with all information relating to it in one page, and “Share” it with whom he/she wishes through e-mail, Facebook or Twitter.

Thus, the (Arabian Gulf Digital Archive) website is an important source of unique documented information in line with developing and promoting proper awareness of history.