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Sunday 23 June ,2019

The National Archives discusses developing and updating its smart applications starting with Al Nahyan App

The National Archives discusses developing and updating its smart applications starting with Al Nahyan App

The National Archives discussed updating and developing its smart applications to cope with the current and coming phases and with the rapid recent technological advancement in a way that serves and satisfies researchers, academic staff, students and customers and leads to public interactions.

The National Archives development plan aims at aligning its smart apps constantly with the expectations of the public to provide documented information and achieve the strategic objectives of digital transformation. 

The National Archives began by discussing the importance of updating and developing the Al-Nahyan App as it is one of the National Archives most important and prominent applications, since it contains vast information and numerous photographs. The applications will be developed through updating their information in line with the recent technological advancement, which increases the services provided to the public.

Through the Al-Nahyan App, the National Archives proved the importance of digital technology in fostering the national values among the society members, especially students. Hence, it strives to update its smart applications to keep pace with the recent development and reach aspirations.

The Al-Nahyan App is a smart and interactive application that presents hundreds of personalities starting with Yas up to the great grandchildren of Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan. This smart app introduces the most prominent and important members of Al Nahyan family tree, especially those who built and ruled Abu Dhabi and whose achievements and roles in developing the Emirate of Abu Dhabi and the coast were recorded in history as Abu Dhabi became the premier power of the Trucial Coast under their reign.

The Al Nahyan App homepage contains photos of Sheikh Zayed and his sons. It is worth mentioning that he had governed the Emirate of Abu Dhabi, which witnessed considerable growth due to his experience and statesmanship. The foundation of the UAE is attributed to his persistent efforts as well as those rulers of the emirates. Their Highnesses, sons of Sheikh Zayed followed his example to protect the UAE and its accomplishments.

The National Archives has launched the Al-Nahyan App because of the importance of Al Nahyan family tree in the history of Abu Dhabi, in particular, and the UAE, in general. This smart and interactive app acqauints the present and future generations with the rulers of Abu Dhabi and the UAE as well as their everlasting mark on its glorious history and bright present. Learning about the lasting achievements of those great leaders promotes loyalty and belonging to the homeland and instills the national identity in citizens, which forms the core of the National Archives mission.