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Saturday 24 April ,2021

The National Archives and the Sorbonne graduate the first batch in the Professional Certificate in Documents and Archives Management

The program started in the Year of Zayed and its first class graduated in the Year of Tolerance

The National Archives and the Sorbonne Graduate the First Class in the Professional Certificate in Documents and Archives Management

The National Archives, in partnership with its strategic partner, the Sorbonne University, graduated the first batch of participants in the Professional Certificate in Documents and Archives Management, at the headquarters of the Sorbonne University - Abu Dhabi, in the presence of His Excellency Dr. Abdullah Muhammad Al Raisi, Director General of the National Archives, and His Excellency Ludovic Pouy, the French Ambassador to the UAE. United Arab Emirates, and Professor Eric Fouach, Director of the Sorbonne University, who praised the specialized training program that was able to qualify the participants to learn how to manage electronic documents, manage current and intermediate documents, and keep records and historical documents.

The celebration began with a speech by Professor Fouache, Director of the Sorbonne University, who welcomed all the participants and praised the participants’ commitment to the program’s courses, and thanked the National Archives for its positive cooperation in this initiative and in all joint activities and events.

On this occasion, His Excellency Dr. Abdullah Mohammed Al Raisi delivered a speech in which he praised the cooperation with the prestigious Sorbonne University, and expressed his happiness at the success of the intensive training program, and that the graduation of the first batch of the professional certificate in Documents and Archives Management would take place in the Year of Tolerance, expressing his optimism that this program had begun. In the Year of Zayed, he graduated the first batch in the Year of Tolerance, and pointed out that the Year of Tolerance will be the starting point for a bachelor's program in archiving and documentation, and it will be followed by a master's program in the same specialty at a time when the profession of the archivist has become no less important than the profession of the doctor, engineer, and others. It works to preserve and protect national archival treasures.

His Excellency congratulated the graduates, hoping that they would benefit from the knowledge and knowledge they gained in this intensive training program, in order to organize the official and government archives, and this is what the government agencies are keen on in order to preserve and restore the holdings of their archives, and not to destroy or lose them.

His Excellency added: It is fortunate that the graduation of this batch coincides with our celebration next week of launching the Digital Archive for Arab Gulf Documents project, and announcing the logo of the International Archives Congress, which the UAE will host next year 2020, in the meetings of the Executive Office of the International Council of Archives. And the meetings of the National Archives Forum in the world, and they are in the process of preparing for the Congress of the International Council on Archives 2020, the largest gathering of archivists in the world, which will be hosted by the UAE in Abu Dhabi next year.

His Excellency the French Ambassador Ludovic Pouille delivered a speech in which he congratulated the graduates on their fruitful efforts and on their graduation from the Sorbonne University, which was known for its prestigious position among academic institutions globally, and considered the graduates ambassadors of the message of openness and tolerance. He expressed his happiness at the results of the partnership between the UAE National Archives and Sorbonne University - Abu Dhabi. Pointing out the importance of the program in the knowledge and professional fields.

This came in the presence of the first batch graduates, Dr. Fatima Al Shamsi, Deputy Director for Administrative Affairs at Sorbonne University Abu Dhabi, His Excellency Majid Al Muhairi, Executive Director, Mr. Hamad Al Mutairi, Director of Archives Department, a number of employees and coordinators at the National Archives, and some Sorbonne University employees.