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Wednesday 24 October ,2018

The National Archives organizes a charity bazaar marked by the increase of exhibitors with the participation of people of determination

The National Archives organizes a charity bazaar marked by the increase of exhibitors and the participation of people of determination

Within the framework of social responsibility and charitable and humanitarian work, the National Archives organized a charity bazaar at its headquarters in Abu Dhabi, in which several parties participated, most notably: Zayed Higher Organization, Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan Foundation for Humanitarian Works, People of Determination projects, Emirates Autism Center, products of penal and correctional institutions, and those interested With participation in special projects for low-income families, and projects for the National Archives employees, as a continuation of its initiatives and activities in the Year of Zayed.

His Excellency Majid Al Muhairi, Executive Director of the National Archives, inaugurated the Charity Bazaar, which includes many handicrafts, traditional traditional clothes, desert ornamental plants, and popular dishes and foods that reflect the history of the Emirates and the adherence of its people to their heritage. His Excellency toured the exhibition accompanied by Mr. Farhan Al Marzouqi, Director of the Institutional and Community Communication Department In the National Archives, listen to a detailed explanation of the production of the participating institutions, and the participation of people of special determination.

The National Archives is keen on this charitable and humanitarian activity, which comes within its activities and within the framework of its societal responsibility. This bazaar is a charitable event with a lofty message. It enhances the self-confidence of the participants, especially people of determination, and inmates of penal and correctional institutions, and contributes to their integration among members of society. Happiness and joy for them, revealing their talents and creativity, and giving visitors the opportunity to view and acquire traditional handicrafts and products and enjoy local dishes and cuisine.

It should be noted that the activities of the National Archives employees and their innovative contributions in this bazaar reveal their creative side, and the proceeds of their participation in this bazaar, which is full of handicrafts, traditional dishes and food, goes to the Red Crescent Authority in Abu Dhabi, where the National Archives employees present the financial return they achieve. to it.

This year's charity bazaar was marked by an increase in the size of participation and the number of participants in it, and with the participation of projects of low-income families. Some of the artistic talents of people of determination were displayed in it. The participation and presentations of people of determination were accepted by the audience of the charity bazaar, and the increase in the number of participants and their participation in the bazaar this year came as a logical result of the achievements of charitable exhibitions and bazaars organized by the National Archives in previous years, and in view of the national and charitable objectives on the one hand, which the National Archives aspires to. To hold such events.

The charity bazaar, which lasted for three days, aims to introduce the production of the participating national institutions and urge their support because of their positive impact in activating the various humanitarian fields that are an integral part of the state’s general policy, and for their role in reviving heritage aspects in the hearts of visitors from within the National Archives and from outside it; As the invitation to visit the Charity Bazaar was general, and the National Archives invited many institutions to visit the Charity Bazaar to view and purchase the popular foods and heritage items on display.