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Thursday 25 April ,2019

The National Archives celebrates the signing of the book (Zayed... Medals and Awards) at the Abu Dhabi International Book Fair 2019

The book presents some of the founding leader's exploits and achievements, foremost of which is tolerance




The signing corner at the Abu Dhabi International Book Fair celebrated the signing of the book (Zayed... Medals and Awards), which was recently published by the National Archives. The signing ceremony witnessed a distinguished turnout of dignitaries, media professionals and writers.

The author, Juma Salem Al Darmaki, signed copies of the book (Zayed... Medals and Awards), in the presence of Hamad Al Humairi, Director of the Research and Knowledge Services Department at the National Archives, and a large number of the exhibition audience.

The importance of the book (Zayed... Medals and Awards) issued by the National Archives stems from the fact that it documents aspects of the personality of the founding leader, Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan - may God rest his soul in peace - which was characterized by tolerance through a brief presentation that documents some of the medals and awards that the founding leader received from among the leaders The world and scientific, civil and international bodies, and since these decorations and awards reflect the importance of people and their role in building their society and their contribution to human progress; Sheikh Zayed was with his white hands that extended to all nations and societies without exception, regardless of their colors, races and beliefs. In view of his great role represented in building the renaissance of the United Arab Emirates, and for his contribution - may God have mercy on him - in building global development and peace.

The book - which consists of 179 pages of large pieces - shows that the march of the founding leader, Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan - may God rest his soul - is the story of an immortal leader overflowing with giving. And lofty and noble honorary shields and awards to bear witness to the great human footprints and immortal achievements.

The book (Zayed... Medals and Awards), in its first edition, deals with the award, shield, or medal by defining it and its purpose, and on the occasion on which it was presented. The book has two pages for each award or medal; The first included an introductory speech about the medal and the occasion of presenting it to the immortal leader, and on the second page, pictures of the founding leader as he - or his representative - receiving the medal or award.

The book consists of four chapters, the first on (local honors and awards), and it includes a review of: the human heritage shield of the President of the State in celebration of the sixth National Day, and the Dubai International Holy Quran Award in its third session, and Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan chose  The Islamic Personality of the Year 1999, and the award presented by the Board of Trustees of the late Abdul Jalil Al-Fahim Prize for high school top students, who had the honor of honoring the founding leader with the Al-Fahim Group Award (the first teacher).

The second chapter included (Arab decorations and awards) such as: the Golden Key of Amman, the Necklace of Hussein bin Ali, the Mesopotamia Medal of the first degree, the Golden Key of the city of Baghdad, the Lebanese Order of Merit, the Nile Necklace, the Sudanese Medal of Honor, the Greater National Medal of Umayya, and the Marib Medal of the degree the first, and others.

In the third chapter (Foreign Decorations and Awards), this chapter included: The Sir Michael and St. George Medal of Excellent Class, the French Medal of Honor of the Grand Cross, the Queen’s Medal (Spanish) and a golden ship, the Grand Star Medal, the British Royal Medal, the Emperor of Japan’s gift, and others.

In the fourth chapter, the book reviewed (the medals and awards of Arab organizations), such as: the gold medal of the Association for the Promotion of Modern Science and its Applications in the Arab Countries, the shield of the Arab Cities Organization, the shield of the Golden Crescent, the scarf of the man of the year for environment and sustainable development 1993, and others.

The fifth chapter revolved around (the decorations and awards of foreign organizations) and included: the Cavalieri Medal of the founding rank, a piece of stone from the surface of the moon, the Pope’s Medal, the most prominent Islamic leader in 1997, and others.

The National Archives was interested in issuing this book to complete the documentation of a pivotal stage in the history of the United Arab Emirates, and the world’s recognition of the beautiful deed of the founding leader, Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, and his gifts that knew no bounds.