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Wednesday 25 September ,2019

The National Archives organizes a training course to hone skills in writing reports and correspondence and improve performance.>

In conjunction with the launch of the first Emirati astronaut

The National Archives opens to students a page of the UAE's aspirations, which embrace the sky and look forward to leadership.

The National Archives organized lectures for students in Abu Dhabi schools entitled (Zayed's ambition), in which specialists deal with the UAE's dream, which is achieved by reaching space. The lectures reviewed the ambition of the late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, God willing. As his reception of astronauts in the seventies of the last century was not just a reception, but rather a planning for the future, and today, thanks to the wise leadership, Zayed's dream is fulfilled. Looking forward to a future in which the United Arab Emirates takes the lead.

The National Archives’ lectures urged students and youth to follow the astronaut Hazzaa Al Mansouri’s journey into space, to encourage them to engage in space fields in line with the National Space Strategy 2030, which aims to support the realization of the UAE’s vision in the field of space science and technology.

The National Archives' lectures focused on "Zayed's Ambition" on encouraging students to achieve educational attainment that keeps pace with the visions of the wise leadership that elevates the human being and leads the country towards further development, progress and prosperity. Hazza Al-Mansoori is only the first link in a series of interest in space science and technology.

The lectures gave a broad explanation to the students about what the National Archives possesses, among its documents, of photos related to Sheikh Zayed’s ambition to reach space, foremost of which is his reception – may God rest his soul in peace – of foreign astronauts, and at that time Sheikh Zayed’s ambition to reach space began, and the UAE lives in this The stage is a pivotal historical station in its journey towards more achievements, as the Emirati astronaut Hazza Al Mansouri’s journey into space embodies a great dream that comes true after decades of work, determination and efforts, and the long months spent by the Emirati astronaut in preparation for this journey, which comes as part of the march of progress and prosperity and the UAE’s aspirations towards Fore.

The interest of the National Archives is evident in the UAE’s aspirations towards space and its tireless work to write a new page in its journey of development and prosperity through the Emirates Library’s acquisition of many books closely related to space science, including: The Hope Probe and the Emirates Mars Exploration Project, the Arab World and Space Research, the most famous Arab Journeys: From Legend to Legend Space, a trip to Mars, the race for space, the Arab world and space research... and others.