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Saturday 25 September ,2021

The National Archives organizes two workshops on Psychological Resilience and Quality of Life in Workplace Environment

With the aim of spreading positive energy, fostering psychological health, and cheering employees up,

The National Archives organizes two workshops on Psychological Resilience and Quality of Life in Workplace Environment

The National Archives has organized two virtual training workshops on Psychological Resilience and Quality of Life in Work Environment, in collaboration with the Emirates Center for Happiness Research of the UAE University. The workshops aimed to maintain psychological health, foster quality of life in workplace environment, promote performance levels and improve efficiency. The NA strived to enrich its staff knowledge, thus enhancing the psychological health and embracing positivity.

The contents of the two workshops that were attended virtually by participants via interactive media, were in line with the NA’s interest in its staff who are considered its core wealth. The NA aims to spread positive energy in the working environment in support of development, teamwork, corporate loyalty and increasing job satisfaction.

The two lectures were delivered by Ms. Nouf Al Junaibi, Director of the Emirates Centre for Happiness Research. In the first lecture, she defined psychological resilience as the individual’s ability to successfully adapt with everyday tasks in the face of difficult situations.

Furthermore, she tackled some difficult situations and challenges and uncovered some reasons behind our need for psychological resilience such as the hard life, endless challenges, sudden challenges and the need to get away from depression.

The lecturer supported the workshop with some exercises that help to find solutions to some challenges. She also listed the types of resilience and its strength degrees and called for optimism and thinking of the present and future. She shared the audience with an exercise on the main methods to develop psychological resilience when dealing with the family and community members.

In the second lecture entitled “Quality of Life in the Workplace Environment”, Ms. Nouf Al Junaibi discussed the concept of quality of life and identified its importance as a modern concept. She revealed that quality of life in the workplace environments relies on the physical and mental health, ways of thinking in response to work challenges, communicating freely, etc.

The workshop presented a number of exercises and identified the difference between the positive and negative employees. It also pointed out some practices that create a better working environment such as determining priorities, selecting influential persons at work, etc.

It is worth mentioning that the abovementioned workshops have received great attention at the NA due to their significant impact on promoting quality-of-life concepts and practices and fostering psychological health in a way that cheers employees up and increases their productivity.