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Wednesday 25 January ,2023

The National Library and Archives sheds lights on Health, Education and Agriculture in the UAE

In the “Memory of the Nation” platform in Sheikh Zayed Festival
The National Library and Archives sheds lights on Health, Education and Agriculture in the UAE
The National Library and Archives showed a great interest in agriculture, education in all stages and health care in the United Arab Emirates in the “Memory of the Nation” platform, by which it participates in the current edition of Sheikh Zayed Festival. The three fields are among the objectives of the sustainable development. They have attracted the attention of the founder and builder of the nation, Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan since the beginnings of the renaissance of the UAE. The United Arab Emirates, under its wise leadership, continued to follow his approach to achieve the goals of sustainable development.
The National Library and Archives shows on a display screen the importance of education as an investment in human resources. The higher the percentage of education, the greater the productivity of human resources and the individual. That is positively reflected at the national level. The National Library and Archives’ national role in the sound national upbringing of generations - encourages it to document the history of education in the UAE and to contribute to the educational process.
Another display screen highlights the aspects of the origins and development of agriculture, which has changed the face of the UAE environment through the great efforts of Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan, who gave nature a bright green touch after his famous saying: “Give me agriculture .. I guarantee you civilization”. What the National Library and Archive presented in the platform about agriculture is only a reminder of the generous kind efforts of Sheikh Zayed in this field. The National Library and Archives has published many books documenting Sheikh Zayed’ genius in the field of agriculture and environmental improvement.
A third display screen highlights the UAE’s interest in health care as one of the pillars emphasized in the National Agenda. The government has made efforts to enhance health care for the population, both citizens and residents, through providing medical services and health facilities that show the UAE’s keenness on the individual health and safety.