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Tuesday 25 July ,2023

The National Library and Archives participates in the 19th edition of the Liwa Date Festival

The National Library and Archives participates in the 19th edition of the Liwa Date Festival with a historical photos and publications exhibition documenting the UAE interest in palm trees and environment. 

The National Library and Archives, in its pursuit to achieve its role in promoting the UAE heritage and environmental culture, participates in the 19th edition of Liwa Date Festival in Liwa, Al Dhafra, held under the patronage of His Highness Sheikh Mansour bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Vice President of the UAE, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of the Presidential Court.  
The National Library and Archives participates in the festival with a historical photo exhibition, resuming the march of the Founder and Builder, the Late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, and following in his footsteps to further promote and develop the agricultural sector. The exhibition documents the wise leadership's interest in palm trees as one of the key important elements of Emirati heritage.
The exhibition’s displayed historical photos documenting the Late Sheikh Zayed's interest in environment and agriculture and indicating the wise leadership’s interest in Liwa Date Festival which developed remarkably keeping abreast with the UAE witnessed development in various fields as reflected through the exhibition’s historical photos which are part of the National Library and Archives’ photo Archive’s holdings. 
In addition to the historical photos, the National Library and Archives displays its latest publications which provide documented information supporting and complementing the historical photo exhibition that reflect significant pages of Al Dhafra region’s history and heritage, and document the UAE's keen interest to establish and preserve the historical importance of palm trees, and pass this on to future generations.
The National Library and Archives historical photos and publications’ exhibition, presenting significant documented aspects of UAE history, attracted a large number of the festival’s visitors and participants.
 The National Library and Archives shall announce through its Liwa Date Festival platform the international archival event, namely: the International Council on Archives’ Congress, which will be hosted by Abu Dhabi from 9-13 October 2023, to discuss the most important current and future archival issues and challenges, as part of its pursuit to preserve world heritage and develop archives and archival business.
The National Library and Archives tackled through its platform the importance of the Arabian Gulf Digital Archive, which offers researchers and academics its online services along with authentic historical documents on the UAE and the Gulf region free of charge. It is noteworthy that the late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan’s interest in agriculture was quite evident since he assumed the post of the Ruler's representative in the Al Ain.    
The National Library and Archives showcases, through its Liwa Date Festival platform, its provided services to researchers, the public, and to archival units in various UAE archival institutions including publication provision, Archives diagnostic assessment and organization, advice and diagnosis provision, and proper document disposal methods, among others.
It should be noted that the National Library and Archives publications reflect the keen interest in documenting the history and heritage of Al Dhafra region as a historical Emirati heritage area in which Emirati people take great pride. Its land carries many monuments of the UAE deep-rooted history, and is in the middle of civilizational centers, and their ancient heritage, beautiful natural reserves, and a fertile palm groves land, and a date trade center, which has currently become, under our wise leadership, a center for various major projects.