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Sunday 21 August ,2022

The Archives and the National Library organize a forum for new teachers in preparation for the new academic year

He presented the new teachers with an integrated and honorable picture of the Emirati society in its past and present
The National Archives and Library organizes a forum for new teachers in preparation for the new academic year

The Archives and the National Library received a large number of new teachers at the ninth annual forum for foreign teachers, which it organizes in preparation for the new academic year 2022-2023 AD, with the aim of enriching their knowledge with information from the glorious history and ancient heritage of the UAE, and enhancing their experiences with the values of the Emirati society, and its values of tolerance and human coexistence. between the various nationalities hosted by the United Arab Emirates.
The forum, which was organized by the Archives and the National Library in cooperation with the Emirates National Schools, witnessed a national lecture presented by Dr. Aisha Belkhair, Research Consultant, in which she reviewed important milestones in the history of the Emirates, and a brief introduction to the most prominent influential leadership figures in Emirati society, in the context of her talk about Sanaa and the most prominent customs, traditions, values and prevailing norms. Which he inherited and is proud of, and thus the new teachers pass through the Emirati culture gate, which is an important entry point for them before they reach the teaching classes and contribute to the upbringing of generations and the preparation of future leaders.
It should be noted that the Teachers' Forum has proven its role in enhancing teachers' knowledge of the history and heritage of the Emirates, and its usefulness in reducing the distance between new teachers, students and parents, and between the field of education and cultural services provided by the Archives and the National Library to students and researchers in the history and heritage of the Emirates and the Gulf region, and at the same time Confirms the true partnership of the National Archives and Library in the national upbringing of generations.
The lecture given by the Research Consultant in the Archives and the National Library touched on the development of education in the United Arab Emirates from “Katatib” to formal education, passing through semi-formal education, and ending with highly developed educational circles that stimulate creativity, innovation and artificial intelligence, in addition to its enjoyment of global competitiveness and its harmony with international standards. The requirements of the times have led to the proliferation of advanced universities in various traditional and modern disciplines, and this is supported by the labor market with distinguished graduates.
The lecture shed light on the reality of Emirati women and the support they receive from Her Highness Sheikha Fatima bint Mubarak - may God protect her - President of the General Women's Union, President of the Supreme Council for Motherhood and Childhood, Supreme Chair of the Family Development Foundation - and Her Highness paved the way for Emirati women to achieve achievements and gains that made them reach higher levels. The centers are making progress at the local, regional and international levels, with the unlimited support of our wise leadership.
Dr. Aisha Belkhair stressed the importance of future accelerators that have a significant impact on the sustainability of development in the Emirati society, such as: moral values, social justice, and the existence of a good example represented by the values of Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan - may God rest his soul - and his national principles, and the human approach that it follows. Good leadership. The lecture touched on the massive digital transformation that made the United Arab Emirates one of the first countries to start providing electronic services since 2013, then the business administration shifted from traditional management to electronic and from there to smart management, which became accessible to all, all at the behest of its wise leadership, and this is what Facilitated business continuity during the spread of the Covid-19 pandemic, and the National Archives and Library was a typical example of this; As its cadres were able to continue working and providing services remotely.   To manage business and ensure its continuity in force majeure, especially disasters and crises, and this indicates good planning and management.
The lecture presented wonderful pictures of the UAE's past and present, pointing to the importance of hospitality among the people of the Emirates, fear, respect for the elderly and kindness to the young, appreciation of volunteer work, etiquette of speaking in councils, respect for grace, and preserving the environment. And others.
The Teachers’ Forum in its current version was distinguished by the fact that it was held in attendance at (Liwa) Hall at the Archives and National Library headquarters, amid application of the required precautionary measures and preventive measures. As it was by default in the previous session.