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Sunday 26 January ,2020

The National Archives Unveils the ICA Congress 2020 to the Participants in the “Reading Challenge” in Ajman

The Biggest Archival Event in the World Hosted by the National Archives in Abu Dhabi Next November:

The National Archives Unveils the ICA Congress 2020 to the Participants

in the “Reading Challenge” in Ajman.

The National Archives briefed the participants in “Reading Challenge” forums -organized by the Ministry of Education and the coordinators of public and private schools at Ajman Teachers' Training Institute - about the details of the Congress 2020 of International Council on Archives (ICA), to be hosted by the National Archives in Abu Dhabi (16-20 November 2020), under the theme: “Empowering Knowledge Societies”.

 With this big archival event, where thousands of archivists from all over the world will meet, the National Archives looks forward to reinforce the UAE's message of tolerance, which the UAE people believe in, and the UAE's role in preserving the Memory of the Nation and its contributions to the preservation of human heritage.

Mrs. Aisha Al Zaabi, a specialist in  the Educational Programs in the National Archives, presented at these meetings a briefing about this Congress, which will review the vital role of National Archives in the 21st century, and discuss important future issues such as: Artificial intelligence and its support to archival efforts, sustainable knowledge and its role in sustainable development, the importance of having archives and libraries at the forefront of the emerging trends in public expectations and techniques, and the policy that determine the style of our societies in the formation of our documentary heritage.

Al Zaabi clarified that the Congress will also discuss the challenges of social media and their effect on archives, and the methods of strengthening archives and preserving the digital heritage in the long run.

She urged public and private schools to benefit from this Congress; as this is the first time that the Middle East will witness such a great archival event, which represents an opportunity for the educational field to benefit from its data and information.

She highlighted the importance of preserving archives in the Internet and open space era, and showed the keenness of the Ministry of Education, education districts and schools to preserve their archives for the generations to come.

The briefing presented by the National Archives received a great attention from the participants who interacted with the event, showed interest and raised many questions about the ICA Congress 2020, which is considered a global event being hosted by the United Arab Emirates.