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Sunday 26 June ,2016

Zayed Humanitarian Work Day.. The National Archives participates in the celebrations of the Egyptian Women's Association

With a documentary exhibition and a speech highlighting the depth of brotherly relations between Egypt and the UAE

On Zayed Humanitarian Work Day, the National Archives participates in the celebrations of the Egyptian Women's Association

From the Emirati-Egyptian brotherly relationship, which reached its climax during the reign of the late founding leader - God willing - Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan. The exhibition focused on the distinguished Emirati-Egyptian relations, and the role of the leadership of the two brotherly countries in strengthening and preserving them.

This exhibition comes as part of the celebration held by the Egyptian Women's Association, out of love and loyalty to Zayed Giving, on Zayed Day for Humanitarian Action.

During the celebration, Mohamed Ismail Abdallah, a lecturer at the National Archives, delivered a speech in which he valued the initiative of the Egyptian Women's Association on this occasion dear to all. As the legacy of Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan in all fields deserves appreciation and standing in respect and admiration, and he added in his speech: The greatness of men is measured by their achievements, and what they presented to their nation and to humanity in terms of great works and virtues of antiquities, and today we live the twelfth anniversary of the departure of the wise Arab Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan - may God rest his soul in peace - we are living a national occasion represented by Zayed Day for Humanitarian Work, and on this occasion we affirm that we are on the path of the humanitarian work of Sheikh Zayed are walking, and God Almighty endowed us with a leadership that bears the banner of the founding leader in the field of charitable and humanitarian work. 

In his speech, the lecturer stressed the importance of the Emirati-Egyptian relations. He reviewed some of the stances through which the leadership of the UAE has demonstrated its firm support for the issues of the brotherly Arab Republic of Egypt.

Mrs. Ifttan Farrag, President of the Egyptian Women's Association, praised the participation of the National Archives and the exhibition it is organizing on this occasion, noting that it opens a historical page documenting the Emirati-Egyptian relations for generations, and for the participants in the ceremony, in order for them to learn about aspects of the history of the distinguished relations between the two brotherly countries, and to the glories of their homelands. And to the ideal model for the relationship between siblings.  

The documentary exhibition, in which the National Archives participated, consisted of historical photographs documenting aspects of the Emirati-Egyptian relations, as well as leaders' meetings  Leaders of the Republic of Egypt, and Egyptian dignitaries.