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Tuesday 26 June ,2018

The National Archives presents the book: “Modern System for Documents and Archives) to Sharjah Documentation and Archives Authority

The National Archives presents the book: “Modern System for Documents and Archives) to Sharjah Documentation and Archives Authority

Within the framework of cooperation between both entities specialized in documentation and archiving, the National Archives of the UAE presented a large number of copies of the book entitled “Modern system for Documents and Archives”, published by the National Archives,  to be distributed to employees of Sharjah Documentation and Archives Authority, and to students of “Sharjah Institute of Documentation and Archiving”.

HE Salah Salem Al Mahmoud, Director General of the Sharjah Documentation and Archives Authority, received copies of the book from Mr. Farhan Hasan Al Marzooqi, Director of Corporate and Community Outreach Department of the National Archives.

"Modern System for Documents and Archives", is a book of great importance for both parties; its contents are considered among  the most important requirements for the age of information, knowledge and electronic environment, and the principles and bases on which it is based, especially international standards, and how to implement and utilize them, especially as it provides the theoretical foundations, and practical procedures for the management of current, intermediate documents and permanent historical documents, which makes it an important reference for Sharjah Documentation and Archives Authority as well as for students of Sharjah Institute for Documentation and Archiving.

The National Archives- through distributing this valuable reference- aims at promoting and supporting the development of a modern documentary culture that adopts global achievements, contributes to the dissemination of documentary awareness, and promotes the scientific subjects and academic issues taught to students in the documents and archives management field.

The importance of the book "Modern System for Documents and Archives" is reinforced by the fact that it is a summary of the experience of its author the late Dr. Munsif Al Fakhfakh, the international expert in the field of documentation and archives, over a period of more than  a quarter of a century. The author also played an important role in setting up the documentation systems in Tunisia and Oman, as well as other Arab countries, and assumed various positions and responsibilities in this field at both Arab and international levels.

The book demonstrates the National Archives' interest and keenness to publish studies that present archival science in both its theoretical and applied concepts for students and specialists, in order to preserve the memory of the nation for future generations in accordance with the best scientific and international methods.