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Thursday 26 July ,2018

The National Archives enhances the “Summer Reading Festival” initiative with reading workshops on Zayed’s virtues

In collaboration with the Ministry of Education

The National Archives enhances the “Summer Reading Festival” initiative with reading workshops on Zayed’s virtues

The UAE National Archives continues organizing national reading workshops as part of its participation in the “Summer Reading Festival” which the Ministry of Education has launched and set up for students. The workshops are held until the end of the summer holiday aiming at motivating students to read about the history of their homeland and the biographies of its great leaders, at the forefront of whom comes the founding leader Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan in line with promoting proper civic education.

The NA’s role in this educational initiative and platform comes in line with its strategic partnership with the Ministry of Education aiming at raising a generation that is conscious and aware of its nation's development requirements. Through this partnership, the NA strives to promote the education role in instilling modern educational concepts in students, emphasizing the importance of reading in association with the history of the UAE. These concepts are reflected through the NA’s documented historical holdings and acquisitions. The reading workshops focused on the main and most important NA publications which reflect significant historical and humanitarian aspects of the UAE and its prominent national icons and figures.

The NA team has run a series of reading workshops for the students participating in the “Summer Reading Festival” initiative in Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Fujairah, Ras Al Khaimah and Um Al Quwain. The workshops have acquainted participating students with the UAE National Archives, its services, duties and role in preserving the memory of the nation.

In the reading workshops organized by the NA, the participating students were trained on supervising reading sessions under the supervision of specialists. Students were also encouraged to exchange used books with the aim of encouraging reading and making interesting books in every field of interest accessible to all students.

The reading workshops aim at encouraging participating students to take Sheikh Zayed as a Role-Model and an example to follow his footsteps, and adopt his great values and virtues and get acquainted with the various aspects of his life, and of his efforts and achievements relating to establishing schools and providing education which eventually led to the happy and prosperous life the UAE people enjoy at present, particularly that the NA publication, Zayed, From Challenges to Union, deals with the founding leader Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan’s birth, education, upbringing and great efforts in establishing the Union and the UAE. The book assures that Sheikh Zayed will always remain a symbol of courage and sacrifice for noble causes and will be borne in the memories and hearts of the UAE future generations.