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Monday 27 January ,2020

The National Archives receives more than 6,000 students at the “Memory of the Nation”

Students visit “Memory of the Nation” to enhance their national and moral values:

The National Archives receives more than 6,000 students at the “Memory of the Nation”

More than six thousand students have visited the NA’s “Memory of the Nation” pavilion during the current edition of Sheikh Zayed Festival. Students aim to visit this pavilion on educational and entertainment field trips because of its great impact in enhancing their national and moral values, enriching their knowledge with documented heritage and historical information about the UAE and reinforcing school curricula of history and civic education.

The National Archives assigned a team of specialists and experts from the Educational Programs Section to accompany students at the “Memory of the Nation” pavilion and provide them with information according to their age and academic levels.

At the pavilion, students learn about the efforts of late Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan in founding the UAE and the story of the Union of the seven Emirates, thanks to the efforts of Sheikh Zayed and the Founding Fathers. At a section named “In the Footsteps of Zayed”, students learn about the Founding Leader’s approach in various fields such as his interest in people, human resources development, diplomacy, agriculture, health, education and other important fields.

During their tour of the “Memory of the Nation” pavilion, students explore the value of “tolerance”, a genuine feature of the Emirati people, and its importance in the legacy of UAE society, as the UAE embraces more than 200 nationalities. The wise leadership paved the way for success and innovation, thus the UAE has become the homeland of possibilities.

Students are acquainted with the process of restoring historical documents, and the tools used in restoring documents that are susceptible to damage due to many factors, most importantly time and inappropriate storage.

At the education section, students attend a lecture on the UAE’s most important traditions and customs, known as (Sana’), which govern the behavior of individuals, such as respect for elders, courage, magnanimity, sincerity, civility, honesty, hospitality, etiquettes, etc. , with a focus  on instilling these values among students by using some technical programs developed in tablets and robots that are widely used at the Education Section.

Students and their companions view some books published by the National Archives to provide them with information and knowledge related to the history and heritage of the UAE.