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Wednesday 27 October ,2021

The National Archives Organizes Two Lectures on the Union Foundation Stages and Positivity in the Workplace Environment

The National Archives Organizes Two Lectures on the Union Foundation Stages and Positivity in the Workplace Environment

In conjunction with the Year of the Fiftieth, the National Archives of the Ministry of Presidential Affairs organized two lectures broadcasted via the interactive media, as part of its educational program that aims to qualify its employees.

The first lecture entitled “The UAE Foundation Stages”, delivered by Dr. Khalid Al Bolushi, an academic and researcher in the UAE history, started with a geographical and historical overview of the UAE and pointed out the emergence of political formations after the Portuguese withdrawal. It also discussed the attempts of Sheikh Zayed the First to unify the Arabian Gulf region in 1932 as well as the establishment of the Trucial States Council in 1952, which was a significant turning point in the Emirati society.

The lecture highlighted the nine-states Union meetings, the role of the neighboring states in the Union foundation and the role of Sheikh Zayed in the UAE foundation on December 2, 1971, in addition to the Union objectives and authorities.

Furthermore, the lecture assured that the credit for establishing the Union should be given to the Late Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan and the founding fathers for their unique capabilities in dealing with challenges wisely and in spirit of harmony and cooperation.

On the other hand, the second lecture entitled “Positivity in the Workplace Environment” was presented by Hend Al Zaabi, Educational Programs Specialists at the NA. She started the lecture with a saying of H.H. Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum: “Positivity is a way of thinking, and happiness is a lifestyle. In other words, it is not what you own or do that makes you happy; it is how you think about things”.

Having discussed the definition of positivity as a personality trait that is to change from egocentrism to openness to the outside world with a real desire to reform oneself and the society and to have a will to change for the better and the ability to effectively interact with others, Hend identified the importance of positive energy and how we can be positive.

The lecturer also tackled the impediments to positivity, and she gave ten pieces of advice to achieve and foster positivity at work and another ten pieces of advice to enhance positive relations among employees. In conclusion, she quoted a number of sayings of H.H. Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid on positivity, derived from his book Reflections on Happiness and Positivity.

The two lectures attracted a large turnout of the public and the NA employees.