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Thursday 27 August ,2020

the National Archives Acknowledges the Emirati Women’s Status and Appreciates their Role in Serving the Nation

On the Emirati Women’s Day Celebration, the National Archives Acknowledges the Emirati Women’s Status and Appreciates their Role in Serving the Nation

On the celebration of the Women’s Day, the National Archives participated in a number of activities to emphasize the paramount status attained by the Emirati Women. Thanks to the vision of the founding father, Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan- May Allah rest his soul- and due to the support of the wise leadership, Emirati women were able to a major breakthrough and a paradigmatic shift in their participation in all fields by virtue of the confidence and empowerment they enjoyed.   

Contingent upon a number of electronic spaces and communication techniques, the National Archives remotely participated in the Women’s Day events, which coincided with the anniversary of the Women’s Union on 28 August 1975, to underline the significance of the Emirati women’s role and their efforts in the entire socio-economic arena. These achievements by Emirati women epitomized the outcomes of the vision and insights of the founding leader, Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, the architect of the Emirati women’s renaissance and the main supporter of women to transcend all obstacles and enhance their contributions to the progress of the nation.  

On this occasion, Dr. Aisha Bilkhair, Research Advisor at the National Archives, participated in a symposium organized by Zayed Center for Studies and Research, entitled ( Women are Essential Partners in the Preparation for the Next Fifty Strategy).

 In her presentation,  she elaborated on the unprecedented role and the systematic strategic planning established by the late founder, Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan- May Allah rest his soul- and Her Highness Sheikha Fatima Bint Mubarak, Mother of the Emirates- May Allah Protect her- for the advancement and empowerment of Emirati women in order to reach a unique position on the regional and global paradigms.

Moreover, Dr. Bilkhair, the research advisor at the National Archives explored aspects of the enablers and elements integral to the success of the wise leadership’s future vision since the dawn of the UAE Union. She also spotlighted the confidence and support bestowed upon Emirati women by the wise leadership. Further, Dr. Bilkhair highly appreciated the various sacrifices made by Emirati women in the past challenging the vicissitudes of life.  

In the same context, Dr. Bilkhair demonstrated the reality of women today, as they have become equipped with science and knowledge.  They have participated in nation building side by side with men to enhance the progress of their society. She argues that any Emirati woman who takes pride in her present should adhere to her values, roots and local identity.  

In the same vein, Dr. Bilkhair discussed the authentic role of the Emirati women throughout the history of the nation. She emphasized that Emirati women will remain an authentic symbol of tolerance owing to their patience, persistence, will, social intelligence and mental stability. She points out that Emirati women will undoubtedly adhere to norms, values and good morality.

“Emirati women are the true support for peace, tolerance and cooperation for a future that preserves the values of humanity due to bygone experiences and the lessons learned from the Covid-19 pandemic”, she added.  

On the same occasion ( Women’s Day Celebration), Mrs. Aisha Al Zaabi, Educational Programs Specialist at the National Archives, reviewed the Emirati women’s role and contributions prior to the foundation of the Union in addition to their support to men in different realms of life. She also introduced the students participating in the “Authors of the Fifty Year” initiative sponsored by the National Archives (in collaboration with the Ministry of Education) to the wise leadership’s interest in the role of women alongside men in building the nation. Likewise, she familiarizes students with the wise leadership’s keenness to continue and develop the performance of Emirati women. Mrs. Aisha focused on the most significant initiatives and projects adopted by H.H. Sheikha Fatima Bint Mubarak, Mother of the Nation, and shed the light on the Emirati women’s position in the regional and international indexes.

 In collaboration with the Emirates Association for Social Developments, Mrs. Hind Al Zaabi, Educational Programs Specialist at the National Archives, made a presentation entitled “The Emirati Women”. She elaborated on Sheikh Zayed’s vision of the Emirati women’s reality and his interest in their affairs during his auspicious reign taking into consideration that women are mothers, wives and sisters who have aspirations, rights and duties.  Due to the vision of Sheikh Zayed, Emirati women were able to thrive and prosper in terms of thought, education, work and status.

Mrs. Al Zaabi emphasized that the late Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan - May Allah rest his soul- was interested in women’s education as one of the main pillars that foster the development level and heighten  the education rates among female students at schools and female graduates at colleges and universities. This vision is inherent in Sheikh Zayed’s belief that education is one of the basic essentials for women who aspire to support men in building and developing the nation. The presentation of Mrs. Al Zaabi provided evidence about the importance of the Emirati women’s role and the significant position currently attained by them as result of the efforts and contributions achieved by their female predecessors in pivotal areas.