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Tuesday 27 September ,2016

The National Archives and Baynounah Channel sign a memorandum of Understanding

The National Archives and Baynounah Channel sign a memorandum of Understanding

On archiving and preserving the national identity, and cultural and heritage components

The National Archives of the United Arab Emirates and Baynounah Satellite Channel signed a memorandum of understanding to strengthen collaboration and lay the foundation for a constructive cooperation between the two sides.  The MOU seeks to dedicate the common interest to spread cultural and historical awareness among all segments of society by highlighting the cultural and heritage identity components, preserving the national identity of the UAE, and to highlight media, cultural and heritage content.

This Memorandum of Understanding aims to preserve the memory of the nation, which is the main role of the National Archives; thus the National Archives is to save audiovisual assets related to the history of the United Arab Emirates.

The MOU was signed by HE Dr. Abdullah Al Raisi, Director General of the National Archives, and HE Eisa Saif Al Mazrouei, General Manager of Baynounah Channel, at the headquarters of the National Archives in Abu Dhabi.

His Excellency Dr. Abdullah Al Raisi welcomed, in his speech, the collaboration with Baynounah channel, and highly appreciated the role it plays in the sustainability of UAE national identity and heritage, praising the richness of its audiovisual archives. HE emphasized the importance of collaboration and discussing issues of mutual interest between the National Archives and Baynounah Channel. 

HE Dr. Abdullah Al Raisi said, regarding the MOU, that the NA has high hopes for this MOU as it considers media as ‘the historian of the moment’ and the real supporter and keeper of heritage. The fact that Baynounah Channel in particular is strongly present at heritage events and festivals to deliver outstanding information makes its heritage programs worthy of care and conservation as they shed light on significant aspects of UAE heritage. We ought to preserve, at the NA, these media outputs that are related to the UAE history for coming generations.

HE added that media archives are among the major archives that we seek to preserve at the National Archives; for they include important historical and heritage material, and of great interest to researchers documenting the country's history and heritage. As we thank Baynounah Channel for their collaboration and prompt response, we hope that other media outlets in the UAE would follow suit, by offering their historical and heritage archives so that the National Archives keeps them in ‘the memory of the nation’ record.

HE General Director of the National Archives pointed out the importance of audiovisual archives relevant to the UAE history and heritage, and its role in enhancing loyalty, and strengthening national identity among the people of the UAE. In fact this is at the core of the National Archives’ vision and mission.

HE Eisa Saif Al Mazrouei, General Manager of Baynounah Channel, expressed his deep appreciation for the National Archives and its initiative to collaborate with Baynounah Channel in the fields of archiving and preserving its archival historical and heritage holdings, emphasizing that the MOU articles serve the ‘memory of the nation’; as the audiovisual resources and programs related to the UAE history and heritage contribute to the promotion of national education and cultural identity of  future generations.

HE added that Baynounah Channel’s approaches that are concerned with the details of the life of the UAE community, and its commitment to broadcasting the finest cultural programs, that reflect the UAE heritage and identity, are consistent with the National Archives’ aspirations to provide decision-makers and researchers with documented heritage and information that enhance the sense of belonging and national identity.

The MOU articles states that the National Archives shall provide Baynounah Channel with advisory expertise in the field of documentation, preservation and archiving in accordance with the NA adopted international standards. The NA shall take part in the training courses in the field of archiving and shall allow access to the NA’s audiovisual archives. In return, the MOU states that Baynounah Channel shall submit the originals of its audiovisual archives to the National Archives.