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Tuesday 27 December ,2016

The National Archives concludes a specialized course in the field of electronic archiving, and honors the participants.

Targeting the fine-tuning of  archivists’ experiences and upgrading of their skills

The National Archives concludes a specialized course in the field of electronic archiving, and honors the participants.

The National Archives of the Ministry of Presidential Affairs honored participants in the recently concluded specialized training course in electronic archiving and electronic archive management at its headquarters in Abu Dhabi.  A number of employees in Federal government agencies attended this training course, which came within the context of the National Archives’ follow-up on the projects of organizing and developing the archives of government bodies.

Participants commended the training course program, which contained scientific themes that enhance the experience of archives staff in government bodies. The course discussed many topics such as electronic archiving, its objectives, mechanisms and technical procedures in addition to the best programs and technologies used in this field.

Dubai Municipality enriched this training course through illustrating its experience in electronic archiving of the plans and drawings of buildings. The municipality representatives discussed the launch of the project and the difficulties and the challenges faced, as well as the methods of overcoming them. Moreover, they presented a detailed explanation of the practical steps regarding the process of the project and its outcome.

It is worth mentioning that the National Archives aimed, through the specialized training course, at fine-tuning the archivists’ experiences, upgrading their professional skills and qualifying them to organize the archives of government bodies in accordance with the approved state legislations, as well as the international standards and best practices adopted in electronic management of records and archives. This comes in line with directives of our government to electronic transformation in all areas to reach the highest technological sophistication.

The National Archives looks forward to exerting more efforts in this field, as it is planning for advanced programs targeting those specialized in archives in government bodies to upgrade their performance and enable them to keep pace with standard, technical or legal developments in the field of archives.