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Wednesday 28 August ,2019

At the 6th Teachers Forum, the National Archives stresses The Significance of the Role and Status of Emirati Women, the True Symbol of Tolerance.

The 6th Teachers Forum participated in “Covenant for Million Tolerant” to promote the values of tolerance

At the 6th Teachers Forum, the National Archives stresses The Significance of the Role and Status of Emirati Women, the True Symbol of Tolerance.

The National Archives, at the Sixth Teachers Forum, informed a large audience of Arab and foreign teachers about the significance of the exceptional role that Emirati women play in various international humanitarian community fields and the great support they receive from the wise leadership. Aiming at strengthening the concepts of tolerance and moderation and reinforcing national identity, the National Archives, in collaboration with Zayed House for Islamic Culture, encouraged teachers to sign the Covenant for Million Tolerant under the slogan: Participate with Us and Be Tolerant.

The National Archives organized a lecture to the participants of the 6th Teachers Forum, where it seized the opportunity of celebrating the Emirati Women’s Day to extend its warmest congratulations and best wishes to Her Highness Sheikha Fatima Bint Mubarak, the Mother of the Nation, who has been supporting women and their empowerment staunchly. It also congratulated all Emirati women for their impressive contribution and stressed that they will never cease to be a true symbol of tolerance and underscored their major role in building the nation. The lecture was delivered by Dr. Aisha Bilkhair, Research Advisor at the National Archives. She informed the participants about the UAE history, culture, heritage and deep-rooted values. Furthermore, she shed light on the Emirati women’s role in the past and the present, and their efforts in building the homeland focusing on the vital role they played in various areas in the past despite the harsh conditions, their evolution as they acquired knowledge and their cooperation with men in the developing the society and building the nation. She said that Emirati women cherish their values and originality, adhere to the identity of their homeland and declare their loyalty to the wise leadership who gives them full attention and support. Dr. Aisha Bilkhair congratulated Emirati women on their day in recognition of their giving in all areas and their continuous contributions.

Zayed House for Islamic Culture presented the initiative of the Covenant for Million Tolerant at the Sixth Teachers Forum hosted by the National Archives, and it is noteworthy that the participants signed the covenant online.

The participation in the Covenant for Million Tolerant fulfils the UAE's vision to promote the culture of tolerance that the late Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan established and our wise leadership pursued to make the UAE a model that applies the values of tolerance and peaceful coexistence where more than 200 nationalities live                                   decently and respectfully.