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Sunday 28 October ,2018

The National Archives completes its preparations to participate in the 37th edition of the "Sharjah Book Fair"

  37 from "Sharjah Book"

The National Archives of the United Arab Emirates has completed its preparations to participate in the 37th session of the Sharjah International Book Fair, in accordance with its annual habit; As the exhibition is a global cultural event and an annual event for intellectuals, researchers and readers, and based on its interest in books, paper or electronic, the National Archives aims through this participation to highlight its interest in providing many of its services to researchers, deepening awareness of its social role, introducing the new generation to the civil and cultural heritage of the state, and enhancing the sense of identity Patriotism and the spirit of belonging to the homeland and loyalty to the wise leadership.

During the days of this cultural event, the National Archives intends to launch a number of its new publications, in the presence of the authors. These new publications deal with aspects of the history of the United Arab Emirates, and pages from the biography of the founding leader, Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan - may God rest his soul - and document some historical facts and events. In the Emirates region before the establishment of the federation, and reviews details of the development of the region, and others.

The National Archives takes advantage of the Sharjah International Book Fair in its current session to present the audience with the closing ceremony of honoring the “Zayed 100 Stories” initiative, which was launched by the National Archives in strategic partnership with the Ministry of Education as part of the activities of the Year of Zayed 2018. During that celebration, the exhibition will honor students and educational institutions for their outstanding participation. It contributed to the success of the initiative, which is in line with the vision of the United Arab Emirates 2021. 

The National Archives platform at the Sharjah International Book Fair will be full of the National Archives’ publications, all of which are characterized by the value of their content, the fragrant memories and future visions they carry, and the fact that they are distinguished by specialization and intellectual richness, in order to serve the objectives of the National Archives, which documents the history and heritage of the Arabian Peninsula, the United Arab Emirates and the biographies of its leaders. Bones.

The National Archives takes advantage of the days of the Sharjah International Book Fair to provide its full library (Emirates Library) with a large number of the latest publications chosen by a number of specialists from the publishing houses participating in the exhibition and coming from inside or outside the UAE.

It is worth noting that the National Archives is keen to participate with its old and modern publications in major international book fairs inside and outside the country. Its participation in the Sharjah Fair follows its participation in the Abu Dhabi International Book Fair, the Cairo International Book Fair, and the Riyadh International Book Fair this year.