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Wednesday 28 November ,2018

The National Archives continues its participation in the third day of the Aqdar World Summit, with three sessions

Lights on the genius of Sheikh Zayed, leader of humanity and union maker

The National Archives continues its participation in the third day of the Aqdar World Summit, with three sessions

The National Archives continues to participate in the activities of the Aqdar World Summit in its second edition, which is held under the title “Empowering People in the Stability of Societies: Sustainable Development” at the Abu Dhabi Fairgrounds. On the third day, the National Archives participated in three sessions centered on the founding leader, Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan and his great efforts in building the country and the human being, and the participation of the National Archives came to form a link between the activities of the Aqdar World Summit, and the joy that spread throughout the country in celebration of the 47th National Day and coinciding with the Year of Zayed, and the UAE’s celebration of the hundredth anniversary of the birth of Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan - May God rest his soul in peace - that is why the three sessions, which were moderated by experts and researchers from the National Archives, revolved around Sheikh Zayed, the symbol of giving and humanity in the Emirates and in the world.

The first session was titled: (Zayed, Leader of Humanity), which was initiated by Dr. Aisha Al-Khair, Research Consultant at the National Archives, with the speech of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President, Prime Minister and Ruler of Dubai, may God protect him: “We are not a nation that emerges from history. We are an ancient people who built glories in the past, and will build a glorious future as well.” Noting that the burials of the Umm Al-Nar region and others, and the archaeological finds confirm that the history of the Emirates dates back thousands of years, and His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid made the ancient Saruq Al-Hadid a slogan for the Dubai Expo 2020, and Dr. Aisha Al-Khair added: The history of the distant past is connected to our prosperous present. And this present that we are proud of gives us our aspirations towards the future, and our future hopes have made our leadership interested in building the human being that keeps pace with the times, and we cannot talk about human building before we talk about Sheikh Zayed and his great pioneering role in building the human being and the nation, and as we celebrate in 2018 the Year of Zayed We have researched a century ago to recall Zayed's fingerprints in all areas of life, and what he presented to the UAE and the people who live on its good land. I strengthened in the soul of Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan - may God rest his soul - the noble Arab and Islamic values and exploits. The role model and role model in front of the people of his society, and therefore those who knew him said: (He who betrayed Zayed is equal to Riyal) and manhood in the custom of society is the pinnacle of values and exploits that everyone aspires to, then the session turned to the economic prosperity and development witnessed by the state, and the efforts of Sheikh Zayed to achieve solidarity community, and his keenness to leave a positive impression on the hearts of visitors and travelers, and the session focused on the soft power that Sheikh Zayed followed in the change, building and upgrading of the human being, and the transition from the tribe to the state, as he worked to spread knowledge and preserve human dignity, and for this he founded Sheikh Zayed built future cities, cared about the state's infrastructure, and designed a homeland in which the goals of renaissance and the future would be realized.

In the second session, which was titled: (Zayed and the Genius of Establishing the UAE and Drawing its Federal Form), Abdul Latif Al-Sayadi, a research expert and lecturer at the National Archives, explained how Sheikh Zayed, with his leadership genius, was able to reunite the fragments of the Emirati land, form the Emirati federal personality, and review the history of the Emirates before the emergence of a star. Zayed, so he stopped at the General Agreement of 1820, the Permanent Maritime Peace Treaty of 1853, the Protection Agreement of 1892, and the Agreement of Friendship and Cooperation with Britain, which was signed by Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan in 1971, and he referred to the efforts of the founding leader - may God rest his soul in peace - that crossed the Emirates A safe passage despite the greatness of the local, regional and global challenges, in which he collected the pillars of the state and drew the features of its federal form, and compared the personality of the founding leader, Sheikh Zayed, to some of his contemporaries of leaders, explaining his ability to deal with the historical act and his choice of the federal system out of his belief - may God have mercy on him - in the unity of the land and the people.

Al-Sayadi reviewed the role of Sheikh Zayed in consolidating fraternal relations between the Trucial States, the establishment of the Council of Rulers of the Trucial States in 1952, and what Sheikh Zayed made in order to spread good and spread it throughout the land of the Emirates, aiming for the happiness of its people in various forms and ways, and the minutes arrived at Britain’s decision to withdraw from the Emirates Reconciled in 1968 AH, and how that decision was as much a challenge as a result of the security vacuum that would result from it, but it was an incentive for Sheikh Zayed and his brothers, the rulers of the Emirates, to initiate fraternal negotiations to establish their imminent union; With certainty from him - may God have mercy on him - that the world does not look at small entities; Therefore, the union was no longer an option but an urgent necessity, and in light of his endeavors to establish the state and establish the union, his path was not paved with roses, but rather was a goal without which the knots were tied. Inclusion.

The third session, titled: (Zayed, Maker of the Union and the Sustainable Nation), was presented by Muhammad Ismail Abdullah, Senior Educational Programs Officer at the National Archives, in which he started with the early history of the Emirates region, then focused on the stage of state establishment, after shedding light on the personality of Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan. - Good God