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Tuesday 29 May ,2018

The National Archives organizes charitable and humanitarian initiatives during the holy month of Ramadan

The National Archives organizes charitable and humanitarian initiatives during the holy month of Ramadan

In the context of charity and humanitarian work in the holy month of Ramadan, as part of the “Year of Zayed” initiatives, the staff of the National Archives of the United Arab Emirates organized a number of charitable and humanitarian initiatives in a Ramadan campaign entitled " Zayed; More Benevolence and Charitableness", which aims at promoting human and spiritual values, and providing assistance for all those in need inside and outside the National Archives.

The National Archives initiative is a collaboration effort with Red Crescent, and other charitable organizations in the country.  At the same time, NA motivates its staff to participate in the Ramadan campaign, by making a daily round with envelops to collect donations from each Department, and post numbers on the intranet system.

The National Archives divided its project into the 4 weeks of Ramadan. In the first week's initiative, entitled “Feeding Fasting People”, donations were collected to provide meals for fasting laborers within the National Archives, during the whole month of Ramadan. During the second week of Ramadan, the donations went to sponsoring orphans, as the National Archives is looking forward to sponsor 100 orphans permanently or temporarily. In week 3, the National Archives looks forward to allocating donations for its project “providing drinking water”, by providing cooling refrigerators to be distributed to mosques, and will carry the donors' name as "National Archives Staff".  Fourth week donations will cover "Zakat Al Fitr" (Ramadan’s Alms), and will be delivered to deserving people.

The National Archives staff response to the Ramadan initiatives was rapid, especially in the first half of the holy month, which witnessed a clear competition between employees, and resulted in generous contributions to the above-mentioned charity projects.

The National Archives' major partner in charity work is the UAE Red Crescent.  RC sent its delegates to spend a whole day of work within the National Archives with all employees throughout the month of Ramadan, providing cash and electronic means of donations, making donations easier for employees, and making them more confident that their donations will be delivered to those who need them.

The National Archives' Ramadan charity projects are part of NA's community responsibility reflexing the efforts of the Founding Leader, the late Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nhayan, who is the example of philanthropy and human generosity.   The UAE has followed his approach to become the largest donor that stands at the forefront in the world in terms of charitable giving.

The National Archives' Ramadan Charity and benevolence projects aim at delivering donations during Ramadan, through the Red Crescent, to deserving people during Ramadan every year, when people's tendency to give is most prominent.

Two years ago, in collaboration with Abu Dhabi Red Crescent, the National Archives carried out a charitable campaign resulted in building five mosques and digging two fresh water wells. The projects were named after the National Archives.  The mosques' capacity is 800 people, built in Mauritania, Somalia, Burkina Faso, Mali, and India.  The two water wells were in India and Mali.