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Monday 29 July ,2019

A National Archives' delegation visited the new cultural landmark in the UAE, “Qasr Al Watan” also known as "Palace of the Nation"

A National Archives' delegation visited the new cultural landmark in the UAE, “Qasr Al Watan” also known as "Palace of the Nation",

A delegation from the National Archives has visited Qasr Al Watan, the new cultural landmark added to many other historic and cultural landmarks in the UAE.

The delegation highly commended the wise leadership's efforts leading to Qasr Al Watan's being a rare architectural masterpiece combining the magnificent present with the dazzling past. It offers its visitors to behold bright pages and aspects of the authentic heritage and witness the broad vision of civilizations' dialogue, particularly in the Year of Tolerance, which links the world civilizations and also the present with the bright future. The halls of Qasr Al Watan exhibit a group of masterpieces and rare historic manuscripts shedding light on Emirati as well as Arab contributions to various human civilization fields including science, arts, literature and culture.

The delegation, through its tour of the different palace halls, listened to a detailed explanation of its architectural style which reflects the beauty of the art of Arab architecture with its patterns, decorations, geometric shapes or designs and colors inspired by the Emirates region's nature. The mosaic walls of the palace are characterized by Islamic and Arabic geometric and architectural patterns and designs, notably the octagon star and the Muqarnas “a form of architectural ornamented vaults”.

The delegation's tour also included the Great Hall which is the architectural core of the palace and one of its main sections, the ceiling of which is covered with one of the largest domes in the world, ornamented with golden decorations. Then, the delegation moved to the Barza also known as “Majlis” where the Ruler meets his people and afterwards to the Cooperation Spirit Hall designed to host important meetings of local bodies, regional and international organizations of which the UAE is a member. Moreover, it explored presidential gifts reflecting the friendly relations between the UAE and other countries of the world and the presidential dining hall reflecting Emirati hospitality with its remarkable capacity of 300 guests.

At the end of the tour, the delegation reached the House of Knowledge depicting the history of a number of sciences and libraries; and Qasr Al Watan Library which keeps more than 40,000 books and the Codices of Mexico Exhibition displaying priceless ancient pre-Hispanic codices and artefacts. At the end of the visit, the delegation explored the book of the Chinese President on government and management. The book was recently received at the Qasr Al Watan Library as a gift presented by the President of the People’s Republic of China to H.H. Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Al Nahyan.

In fact, this is considered one of the most important visits of the National Archives' delegation this year as it strengthens corporate relations and promotes strategic partnerships.