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Thursday 29 August ,2019

The National Archives receives a large number of (hunting and equestrian) audience on my platform

The National Archives receives a large number of (hunting and equestrian) fans on its platform

The National Archives platform participating in the Hunting and Equestrian Exhibition received a distinguished turnout from the audience of the exhibition, due to its richness in historical photos that document aspects of the activities of the founding leader, Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan - may God rest his soul in peace - and his interests in hunting and equestrian. In conjunction with the Year of Tolerance, the National Archives platform presents A documentary film will be shown on a large screen presenting some of the positions of Sheikh Zayed, who laid the foundations for a culture of tolerance that made the UAE an oasis of tolerance and moderation, until it became an ideal model in applying the values of tolerance and peaceful coexistence.

The National Archives platform for this year was full of stories that resulted from the “Zayed 100 Stories” initiative, the national initiative for students launched by the National Archives in cooperation with the Ministry of Education. The National Archives focused on presenting stories that deal with aspects of the founding leader’s interest in and encouragement of equestrian sport, and his practice of falconry as one of the most important sports inherited by children from parents and grandparents. Perhaps one of the most prominent stories presented on the platform is the book (Story Faris).

Through its platform, the National Archives presents to the audience of the exhibition the historical dimension of the United Arab Emirates, which is a qualitative addition that enriches the contents of the exhibition and increases its diversity. The holdings of the archive of photographs and documentaries preserved in it.

The participation of the National Archives in the seventeenth edition of the Hunting and Equestrian Exhibition comes as a beacon that attracts hunting, hunting and equestrian enthusiasts, and lovers of heritage. , and its principles and foundations that are based on noble values and consolidate good qualities, and its role in promoting inherited culture and traditions.