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Sunday 29 September ,2019

The National Archives a high turnout of visitors to its platform in the Hunting and Equestrian Exhibition

The National Archives a high turnout of visitors to its platform in the

Hunting and Equestrian Exhibition

The National Archives platform at the Hunting and Equestrian Exhibition witnessed a distinctive turnout from the audience of the exhibition, which showcased a large number of historical photographs documenting aspects of the activities of the Founding Leader, Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan and his interest in hunting and equestrian. In conjunction with the Year of Tolerance, the National Archives platform displayed a documentary film on a large screen about some of the stances of Sheikh Zayed who had laid the foundations of the culture of tolerance in the UAE, which has become an oasis of tolerance and moderation and a model that upholds the values of tolerance and peaceful coexistence.

This year, the National Archives stand introduced the stories that were created by students who participated in the national initiative of Zayed, 100 Stories, which was launched by the National Archives in collaboration with the Ministry of Education. The stories present the efforts, achievements and values of the Founder and Builder Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan, and they explore new chapters of the UAE history. The National Archives focused on displaying the stories that deal with the Founding Leader’s interest in equestrian, to which he used to encourage citizens, and his practice of falconry as one of the most important sports that is traditionally passed down from generation to generation. It is worth mentioning that one of the most distinguished stories introduced at the platform is perhaps A Knight’s Story.

The National Archives platform also presented to the visitors of the exhibition aspects of the UAE history and heritage as well as documented and accurate information, acquainted them with its national activities and events and allowed them the opportunity to view some of its preserved photo and documentary archives.

The National Archives participated in the 17th edition of the Hunting and Equestrian Exhibition as it is a beacon to hunting and equestrian fans as well as heritage enthusiasts from various age groups in the community. The National Archives is keen on enriching the memory of the younger generations and raising their awareness of the deep-rooted Emirati traditions and customs including the heritage sports that are based on the noble values and good manners.