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Monday 29 October ,2018

The Disposal Committee in the National Archives discusses the requests it receives monthly from government agencies

The Disposal Committee of the National Archives discusses the requests it receives monthly from government agencies

The Disposal Committee of the National Archives discussed fourteen requests from government agencies regarding the disposal of worthless documents, in its last meeting at the headquarters of the National Archives, chaired by His Excellency Majid Al Muhairi, the Executive Director, where all submitted applications were evaluated and discussed, and the final ruling was made to preserve or completely destroy them. or partially.

During the meeting, His Excellency the Executive Director praised the response of the official authorities to the National Archives regarding the destruction of documents, considering this as a real indication of the archive officials' realization of the importance of cooperation with the National Archives in order to avoid random destruction, and not to prejudice the documents that are useful in the march of the United Arab Emirates, which deserve to be documented by the Archives. National sustainable development experienced by the state and the well-being enjoyed by all who live in the land of the Emirates.

His Excellency urged the members of the Disposal Committee to control the process of technical evaluation and actual auditing of the archives in accordance with the standards followed by the National Archives, which are consistent with what was stipulated in Federal Law No. (7) of 2008 regarding the National Archives and its amending laws and its executive regulations. His Excellency stressed the importance of disposal Documents that are no longer useful in historical research only, and that their disposal be according to the stages and procedures specified by the law so that the information contained in the documents will not be exposed to publication.

His Excellency stressed that every step taken to preserve public, historical and national documents that are the property of the state is evidence of loyalty and belonging to the homeland, and bears the national responsibility towards its memory that should be preserved and transmitted to generations as a source of pride and honor for what has been achieved at this stage of renaissance, development and prosperity under the wise leadership of the UAE. United Arab Emirates.

The meeting included the directors of departments in the National Archives, heads of departments and units, and technical experts.

It should be noted that the process of getting rid of useless documents, and the preservation and destruction plan, is being implemented in the light of Federal Law No. /7/ of 2008 regarding the National Archives, and the articles of the law related to the destruction of useless government documents, and then controlling the process of getting rid of them and from files produced in government agencies. Which are no longer useful for historical research, in order to reduce - in a deliberate manner - the volume of documents stored with government agencies and to avoid random destruction.