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Thursday 29 November ,2018

The National Archives crowns its initiatives in the Year of Zayed with its participation in the Sheikh Zayed Heritage Festival 2018

The National Archives crowns its initiatives in the Year of Zayed with its participation in the Sheikh Zayed Heritage Festival 2018

The National Archives is participating for the seventh year in a row in the Sheikh Zayed Heritage Festival 2018. Its participation is the culmination of its projects in the Year of Zayed, and in line with the centenary of the birth of Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan - may God rest his soul in peace. The occasion is three stages in the life of Sheikh Zayed, glorifying his impact and legacy and consolidating the national values that he instilled. The fourth stage focuses on Sheikh Zayed's future visions. The platform is full of councils, a corner for the Emirates Library, and another for educational programmes. On the (Memory of the Nation) wall, visitors will see a number of sayings of the founding leader that encourage preserving the legacy of the ancestors and their past.

The National Archives distributes many of its holdings, whether photos, historical documents, documentaries and multimedia films, historical decorations and commemorative coins, throughout the platform (Memory of the Nation). The first phase of "Memory of the Nation" starts from Al Ain, where Sheikh Zayed was appointed in 1946 as the representative of the Ruler of the Emirate of Abu Dhabi in the Eastern Region, and that period extended for twenty years. He was famous for his leadership personality among the residents of the region, and he enjoyed a good reputation, and he was a role model in governance. His principles of leadership were represented in building strong bonds between him and his people, and he was keen to personally supervise the implementation of reforms, and his council was open to all, and he used to travel to all nearby and remote areas. To check on the people, and to check their conditions, and this is what made him enjoy the love and respect of the people, and Sheikh Zayed devoted the money that he had to carrying out reforms in the Al Ain region.

The second phase of the platform begins on August 6, 1966. Sheikh Zayed was chosen to be the ruler of the Emirate of Abu Dhabi. Since then, he began to achieve extensive reforms in the country. He began to develop education and health, and plans to develop cities and housing issues for the people. He laid down a huge program for the development process, and he was among the His priorities are caring for infrastructure, establishing schools, housing, and medical services; The face of Abu Dhabi changed, and Zayed's march succeeded in making up for centuries of suffering. The third phase of the (Memory of the Nation) platform begins on the second of December 1971, with the establishment of the federation of the United Arab Emirates, and the unanimous election of Sheikh Zayed, the rulers of the emirates, as the first president of the state. He distributed the revenues of oil wealth to all sectors, cared about the economy, education, heritage and culture, and preserved the reputation of the state while working to spread security and stability throughout it.

The fourth stage in the (Memory of the Nation) platform focused on Zayed's legacy in the future, and what is meant by it is "Zayed's future visions", as he was known - may God have mercy on him - for his long-term strategic visions, which have become a national approach in the biography and career of the founding leader, as he is a man who gave without borders, and harnessed his thought And his capabilities to serve his people and make them happy, as he believed that investing in building people is the basis for building homelands, and Zayed's approach and wise visions still bear fruit until today. The "Memory of the Nation" platform also includes a corner for the Emirates Library, which gives festival visitors the opportunity to obtain the National Archives' publications, particularly books that document aspects of the rich history of the founding leader, Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan. The Emirates Library presents the National Archives' publications that carry the fragrance of memories and visions. Futurism, whose features were drawn by Sheikh Zayed, may God rest his soul.

The (Memory of the Nation) platform maintains the educational programs corner that receives children and presents them with the national ideas and principles that Sheikh Zayed - may God have mercy on him - was keen to devote to youth. The educational programs corner includes the “knowledge robots” technology that children install and operate.