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Monday 04 March ,2019

The National Archives hosts in Abu Dhabi the meetings of the International Council on Archives and the Forum of National Archives of the World

The National Archives hosts in Abu Dhabi the meetings of the International Council on Archives and the Forum of National Archives in the World

The National Archives of the United Arab Emirates hosts the special meetings of the International Council of Archives and the meetings of the National Archives Forum. The International Council of Archives is currently reviewing its strategic directions. These important meetings are held in the city of Abu Dhabi, which has been constantly developing, and looks to the future. This makes the participants look forward with great hope that their meetings will result in agendas that will enable members to come up with innovative ideas and meaningful approaches that enhance the role of the International Council on Archives in the future. 

The 2019 National Archives Forum in Abu Dhabi features inspiring presentations and strategic discussions centered around interesting topics popular with national archives around the globe. This event includes a constellation of prominent thought leaders who participate in interactive seminars and discussions. This event constitutes an opportunity for national archivists and those who follow in their path to participate in the important dialogues with a strategic orientation that keep pace with the discussion axes emanating from the International Council on Archives conference, including identifying mechanisms for influencing archive-related issues facing governments, major institutions and all those concerned, and demanding their adoption. With finding an effective archiving strategy that is in line with the requirements of the digital age, and the need to absorb and interact with digital technologies such as artificial intelligence and machine learning.

The Archivists Forum is also looking to establish practical digital solutions in an environment with limited financial means.  The forum is unique in that it stimulates national archivists to explore the possibilities offered by digital technologies for all forms of archives, especially in an era characterized by permanent change. 

The International Archives Council is a neutral, member-funded, non-governmental organization that engages in events by its distinguished members. The Council includes archival institutions and archiving specialists from all over the world, who are committed to providing an elaborate archival management that ensures the preservation of the archived tangible heritage, the establishment of solid standards and effective practices, the encouragement of cross-border dialogue, and the transfer and circulation of knowledge and expertise around the world. With more than 1,500 members from 199 countries and territories, the Council seeks to harness the cultural diversity of its members in finding effective solutions and professional practices that are flexible and creative.   

The Forum of National Archives is an integral part of the International Council of Archives, and the Forum seeks, in accordance with the Council's constitution, to find high-level and strategic inputs in order to address the challenges surrounding archival management at the present time. In this context, the forum hosts delegations from more than 160 countries, opening prospects for joint work with national archivists, who seize this opportunity to exchange many experiences and knowledge in order to benefit archiving sectors all over the world.   

It should be noted that the International Archives Council holds a major conference once every four years, and the next conference is scheduled to be held in partnership with  The National Archives of the United Arab Emirates and with its support in Abu Dhabi in November 2020  Under the slogan: "Empowering knowledge societies", which provides professionals in the field of archives and related information with prospects for research into the effects resulting from the use of  Modern technologies such as artificial intelligence, blockchain technology, and the semantic information network, in addition to studying the role of archives in preserving sustainable development while securing evidence and ensuring honesty in a post-real world. The International Council on Archives is looking forward to this conference, which is a view of the horizons of archival thought and practices at the international level.