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Monday 30 July ,2018

The National Archives launches a promotional program to promote the memory of nation in tourism circles

The National Archives launches a promotional program to promote the memory of nation in tourism circles including big hotels, official airline companies, commercial stores and shopping malls

The National Archives of the Ministry of Presidential Affairs has launched a promotional program entitled “The Memory of the Nation: A History of a nation and a journey of a Homeland”, aiming at promoting the documented history of the UAE among tourism bodies and circles. The program covers three main phases: 1) main big hotels, 2), local official airline companies and 3) commercial stores and shopping malls in the UAE.  This program aims at acquainting the society with the homeland’s history, achievements, glories and high values in conformity with the NA’s vision, mission and objectives.

The material presented by the NA to hotels, airline companies, commercial stores and shopping malls, relating to the UAE history and heritage are charged with memories and future vision formulated by Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan since his accession to power in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi.

The NA proves- through this program- its full commitment to and readiness for participation in all innovative and fruitful events that promote awareness and access to the history and heritage of the UAE and to the biographies of its great leaders to all society categories, including residents, visitors and tourists who come to the UAE from all over the world.

The NA offers these recreational and touristic venues various historical multimedia and documents to showcase to the public heritage related materials in the form of historical photographs reflecting significant achievements that turned the UAE into a modern country taking pride in its modernity and advancement. The photographs also present bilateral relations with the brotherly and friendly countries, the UAE’s heritage and historical landmarks, customs and traditions, the wooden boats that were used in the Emirates region, the establishment and development of educational system, pearl diving, fishing and the Emirati cuisine.

The program is concerned in its first phase with cooperating with the main hotels with the aim of educating visitors and guests- whether from the UAE or abroad- and briefing them on the history and heritage of the UAE and acquainting them with the role of the NA in preserving the memory of the Nation. Consequently, the NA has established the Memory of the Nation platform, displaying historical documentary films and exhibiting a large number of historical photographs.

Such constructive cooperation comes in line with the NA’s belief in the importance of the community participation and the role of the UAE government and private sectors' institutions in enhancing the community role. The NA similarly believes that it is its role to allow access to photographs, correct documented information and historical documents that depict the glories of the UAE and the achievements of its leaders and shed light on the UAE history in which it takes pride.

The second phase of the program mainly focuses on cooperation with main airline companies. In this context, the NA has started fruitful and constructive cooperation with Presidential Flight. Therefore, a special channel was dedicated for the “Memory of the Nation” on board the Presidential Flights displaying documentary films about the efforts of Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan to unify and develop the emirates, along with other films that document various aspects of the history of the civilizations the UAE has witnessed throughout its history until the present time where it enjoys welfare, and prosperity under the auspices of the wise leadership.

Furthermore, the Presidential Flight distributes the educational booklet issued by the NA during its flights. The booklet tackles subjects relating to UAE history and heritage.

On the other hand, the NA exhibited historical photographs of the UAE and its founding leader Sheikh Zayed to decorate the Presidential Flight facilities halls.

Communication continues between the NA and Etihad Airways for further collaboration. In this framework, the NA has provided Etihad Airways with a number of documentary films and historical photographs that document the establishment of the UAE along with other photographs of the iconic leader Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan. The latest of these photographs received by Etihad Airways reflected the close historical relations between the UAE and the People's Republic of China.

In the course of its implementation of the third phase of the program, the NA focused on commercial stores and shopping malls. The activities included disseminating photographs documenting the history of the UAE and its great leaders are exhibiting them in many commercial stores and shopping malls such Bawabat Al Sharq and Galleria Malls in Abu Dhabi.

The program “The Memory of the Nation: A History of a nation and a journey of a Homeland” chiefly supports the national and community initiatives which the NA readily adopts and sponsors. The documentary films, produced by the NA and displayed on screens at hotels, airline companies and shopping malls, contain reliable documented information that enrich the visitors and tourists' knowledge of the UAE history of the UAE, its establishment, its ancient heritage and the great role the founding fathers- at the forefront of whom comes Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan- performed in the course of the UAE foundation and development.