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Monday 30 January ,2023

The National Library and Archives launches a modern and advanced website

A significant and valuable addition to beneficiaries and a gateway to its services and knowledge treasures
The National Library and Archives launches a modern and advanced website

The National Library and Archives launched the new version of its website to keep pace with its ongoing development. The new website enhances the NLA’s vital role in preserving the memory of the nation, and enables researchers, academics, and beneficiaries to access its pioneering services.
Regarding the new website, His Excellency Abdullah Majid Al Ali, Director General said: “The National Library and Archives found it necessary to update its website within the framework of its continuous endeavors to develop and expand its services and tasks. The new website enables customers to access these services easily, embodies the NLA’s official presence on the Internet. It constitutes a bridge to communicate with beneficiaries over time and a window on the information and electronic services we provide.”
 He added that the NLA is constantly working to shorten the distance between researchers and the memory of the nation, which the NLA collects and preserves according to the latest international standards and facilitate access to it."
His Excellency stressed that the NLA’s tasks and services are constantly evolving and expanding as they include the Center for Preservation and Restoration. The National Library, along with the Archives, will soon be a new beacon beaming with the memory of the nation and its cultural and intellectual heritage. The aim is to give researchers, academics, students and the public access to these historical, heritage and cultural treasures which are useful resources when writing about the UAE’s glorious history, ancient heritage and cultural and intellectual depth.  The new version of the website has been launched to contribute to the realization of the NLA’s mission and vision.
In her speech, Mrs. Salma Al Mansouri, Director of the Support Services Department, pointed out that the new version of the website facilitates the task of the National Library and Archives in providing distinguished archival services. She also indicated that it provides smart services, makes the NLA’s treasures accessible, and facilitates the presentation of various research materials in a modern and advanced technical framework. Mrs. Salma Al Mansouri also praised the technologies used in the new website, which are among the most powerful content management systems supporting the data entry process and its course of action.
While reviewing the details of the website and its services,  Abdulazez Al-Amim, Head of the Information Technology said: “The new version of the website sheds light on the NLA’s latest news and events. It also offers a link to the free portal of Arabian Gulf Digital Archive (AGDA), which has received a distinguished turnout from researchers and those interested in the history of the United Arab Emirates and the Gulf region because it contains thousands of original historical documents, photographs and multimedia recording important aspects of the history and heritage of the United Arab Emirates and the Arabian Peninsula. This makes the new website a valuable addition for researchers, academics, and scholars inside the UAE and abroad.
Al Amim pointed out that the new website takes advantage of Artificial Intelligence (AI) through Chatbots and dedicated interfaces, which assist researchers, academics, students and the public, as the interface of the website changes to suit each registered user.
The head of the Information Technology Section indicated the interest of new website in people of determination, as many features were added to make it user friendly to them. For example, the Smart Reader feature automatically detects and reads texts in Arabic and English. There are many other features including Zooming in and out,  and turning the screen into the Night Mode.
It is noteworthy that the website www.nla.ae gives access to that of the Emirates Library to review studies, research papers, books and photos. It also allows visitors to request archival materials.  
In line with the mission of the National Library and Archives in providing documented and trusted information, the website provides visitors with abundant and reliable information from the most accurate historical sources. It enables browsers to view the National Library and Archives’ publications, and an E-shop has been added to   sell these printed publications with the option of shipping them as well.  The website also gives access to the topics of the refereed scientific journal Liwa.