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Wednesday 30 November ,2016

National Archives Celebrates Martyrs' Day and 45th National Day

National Archives Celebrates Martyrs' Day and 45th National Day

The day commenced with praying for the martyrs and commemorating the efforts of the founding fathers.

The National Archives of the UAE celebrated Martyrs Day and 45th anniversary of National day, in NA location in Abu Dhabi.  H. E. Dr. Abdulla Al Raisi, NA Director General, opened the commemoration with a speech, recalling the sacrifices of the brave Emirati heroes, who were martyred on duty, while defending their homeland.  Dr. Al Raisi also recalled some of the founding fathers' efforts, chief of which is UAE icon and founding leader, the late Shaikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan, and their role in establishing the country and forming the Union.  In his speech, Dr. Al Raisi urged NA employees to continue to create and innovate.

NA Director General also said: National Day is a special day for all members of the UAE community, because it is the most important occasion in the history of the nation; It embodies the launching of the new modern, advanced, and prosperous UAE.  The achievements of the UAE since that day has made the country deeply rooted and highly recognized worldwide.

In his speech, Dr. Al Raisi added that it behooves us on this 45th anniversary of the National day to remember the founding fathers, chief of which Shaikh Zayed Bin Sultan, God bless his soul, who challenged the status quo and led the move towards modernity and advancement.  The current wise leadership is following suit, leading the efforts the country's President H. H. Shaikh Khalifa Bin Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan, God bless him, his brother, Vice President H.H. Shaikh Muhammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Prime Minister, and Dubai Ruler, may God protect him, H.H. Shaikh Muhammed Bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Abu Dhabi's Crown Prince, and Vice High Commander of Armed Forces".  DR. Al Raisi praised all the rulers of the Emirates, members of the country's Higher Council, who have been following suit on the path of the founding fathers, in great efforts to continue the stabilization efforts of the country, making the UAE a symbol of advancement, growth, prosperity, and safety among other nations in the world.

Dr. Abdulla greeted the leadership; "…we in NA work according to the instructions of H.H. Shaikh Mansour Bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Cabinet vice Chair, Minister of Presidential Affairs, and Chief of NA Executive Council.  Our main mission is to collect and conserve the nation's memory, and we are proud to extend our deepest congratulations and blessings to all on this special day".

H.E. Dr. Al Raisi said, "On Martyrs' day, the UAE celebrates loyalty and giving, while commemorating the values of sacrifice which is inherent in our citizens. Our martyrs are heroes who have made history, defending the nation's honor, pride, and identity".

Dr. Al Raisi then addressed NA employees, "…the 2nd of December is not just an anniversary we celebrate. It behooves us to measure and evaluate our achievements on this day every year.  The National Archives is one of a kind in the UAE.  NA's emblem is "Memory of a Nation".  Therefore, our product must be innovative, in order to stay par with the nation's expectations.  We will work in line with the directions of the nation's leadership, which is always promoting creativity and innovation".  Dr. Al Raisi emphasized innovation and creativity, stressing leaving behind useless routine.  NA-UAE is the best incubator for creativity and is the best environment for innovation; "…each and every one of us can be creative with how they perform their work", he concluded.

At end of the day, NA employees gathered in Shaikh Khalifa's auditorium to watch visual recordings, documenting a few aspects of the brave Emirati soldiers in the field of pride and glory.  The event ended in reciting prayers for the souls of devoted martyrs, and a moment of silence.  Finally, the UAE flag was raised in front of the NA main gate.