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Thursday 31 January ,2019

The National Archives, in collaboration with the Ministry of Education, launched the national initiative: "Our Inspirational Tales".

In line with promoting, disseminating and reinforcing the noble values of tolerance in the “Year of Tolerance”

The National Archives, in collaboration with the Ministry of Education, launched the national initiative: "Our Inspirational Tales".

The National Archives, in collaboration with the Guidance and Activities Sector of the Ministry of Education, launched a pioneering national literacy initiative entitled "Our Inspirational Tales”.  This initiative comes within the framework of students' civic education and national upbringing, and to instill national and moral values  in them, which strengthens their loyalty to their homeland and the wise leadership, in addition to reinforcing the principles and values of tolerance. The importance of this national initiative is further enhanced as it coincides with the Year of Tolerance, which is considered a further extension of the Year of Zayed, as based on the great success that the " Zayed, 100  Stories" initiative realized.

The initiative, aimed at students from the seventh to the twelfth grades, contributes to promoting students' voluntary reading of useful and purposeful subjects that enhance their national sense, to community development, and to building authentic characters based on sound ethics and giving to the homeland. The initiative also develops students' knowledge and skills, and promotes the progress of those talented and gifted in the field of writing, public speaking, lecturing and research.

The initiative, which was launched at the National Festival of Science, Technology and Innovation (2019), reinforces the virtue of openness to other cultures and people of the world, highlights the efforts of the UAE to promote the values of coexistence, peace and love, and encourages volunteer work for its importance in promoting sustainable development.

It is note-worthy that schools participating in this initiative have the opportunity to market their programs and activities through the various media platforms of both the Ministry of Education and the National Archives. Participants will receive participation certificates, their volunteer hours will be considered a university requirement, and winning projects will be honored according to award categories.

Launching of the award will be followed by introductory sessions in early February, followed by training and supportive workshops for all participants.

The deadline for receiving registration and participation form, the deadline for receiving and evaluating participation works, and the closing ceremony for honoring the winners shall be decided.